Challenge 4-

So impressed by all your boats you have been making today! Massive well done to you all ???
Hope you all enjoyed making them and testing them.
You are all superstars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Last Challenge of the week! Today’s challenge is to make a boat that will float, it can be made from anything you like, Lego, junk modelling, play dough, absolutely anything you can think of. Make the boat then test it to see if it will float, you could test it in a bucket of water in the garden or in the bath. If it doesn’t float, can you adapt it and change it so it does float! Good luck and have fun!

Challenge 3-.

So impressed with your number hunting and ordering today! Well done everyone who completed today’s challenge. You are all superstars ? Keep up the fantastic and work!

Today’s challenge is a number hunt! Write a selection of numbers between 1 and 100 on scraps of paper. Get someone to hide them around the house or garden for you, go on a number hunt to find them all then put them in order from smallest to largest! Good luck and happy hunting!

Challenge 2-

Well done to everyone who completed today’s challenge! I was impressed with all of your writing and really enjoyed reading them.

Todays challenge is to write a letter to a friend who you can’t see at the minute. Tell them what you have been doing and ask them some questions about what they have been doing. You could take a photo of your letter and ask a parent to send it to your friend. They might write a letter back to you!

Thank you and well done to everyone who completed today’s challenge!! Be ready for another one tomorrow!

Challenge 1-

Go on a Minibeast hunt in the garden. Record what you find, draw a picture, label it and write about each minibeast and where you found it. Happy Hunting!

Daily Challenges

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