Absolutely fantastic responses to today’s challenge! You have created and completed some fantastic obstacle courses and shown some great skills. Well done all of you, superstars!

Another day….another challenge!

Today’s challenge is to create an obstacle course in the garden. Think about things to climb over, crawl under, balance on, jump from, throw balls into. Have fun making it then completing it!

Here is an extra Maths challenge you can try

Story time! Monkey Puzzle


Hull Streetlife Museum may be closed but you can still explore more than 200 years of transport history from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a free virtual tour of the museum by visiting :

Challenge 2-

I absolutely loved all of your postcards you have been writing from all over the world, Devon, Africa, Ibiza, America, absolutely fantastic writing being done!

Today’s challenge is to write a postcard from your dream holiday destination! Think about where you would love to go on holiday, it could be anywhere in the world. What would you do there? What is the weather like? Who would you go with? Maybe research the destination to find out more about it. Draw a picture and write a postcard giving lots of information about your holiday!

This is where my holiday would be to….

Home Learning Week 2

I hope you are excited for another week of learning. I will be setting new daily challenges for you and can’t wait to see what you get up to!

We had lots of fun in our house this weekend with Googles 3D animals. If you type in one of the animals on the list into Google, scroll down until you see ‘View in 3D’ then ‘view in your space’ follow the instructions and the animal will appear in your room in 3D!


Here are a few craft ideas:

If you have any empty toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes, get creative and see what you can make, here are some fun ideas!

If you have any empty egg cartons, here are a few fun ideas to keep you busy!

Monday’s challenge

Challenge 5-

Amazing counting and bingo games were played today! Well done!

Today’s challenge is to play a maths game with a pack of cards. You can make up your own game or play one of the games below. If you don’t have a pack of cards just write down numbers 1-10, 4 times on pieces of paper. You don’t need the picture cards, Jack, Queen, King and Ace will be number 1. Have fun counting!!

Home Learning Update

Mrs Atkinson and I just wanted to say a huge thank you and well done to you all for your efforts this week. The children look like they have been having lots of fun with lots of outdoor learning. We know it isn’t easy juggling everything but you are all doing an amazing job 👏👏👏 please be proud of what you and your children have achieved this week, we certainly are! Now have a relaxing and restful weekend and we will be back on Monday with more challenges and fun ideas for you all. 😊

As well as all the challenges you have been completing here are some pictures of other fun activities you have been up to!

A super fun art activity in this sunny weather! Draw the shadows that you toys make on the paper.

As we are all spending more time online during this time, there are some great new resources and home learning packs to help support safety online. Packs are available for different age ranges through the link below.

Following our fantastic visit from local author Andi Dawson at the beginning of the month, she has now posted storytime videos on her Youtube channel :

As well as creating lots of free resources and activities linked to her stories which you can download and complete:

There are also some good activities you can download for free in Key Stage Packs from Teachers Pet:

Daily Diary

If you aren’t already, completing a daily diary of what you have done each day is a great way to keep practising your handwriting and phonics, spelling out your words and using capital letters and full stops for your sentences. It will also be something to keep and look back at in years to come.


The maths factor is a great website that is currently free!!

Daily Challenges

Challenge 4-

So impressed by all your boats you have been making today! Massive well done to you all 👏👏👏
Hope you all enjoyed making them and testing them.
You are all superstars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Last Challenge of the week! Today’s challenge is to make a boat that will float, it can be made from anything you like, Lego, junk modelling, play dough, absolutely anything you can think of. Make the boat then test it to see if it will float, you could test it in a bucket of water in the garden or in the bath. If it doesn’t float, can you adapt it and change it so it does float! Good luck and have fun!

Challenge 3-.

So impressed with your number hunting and ordering today! Well done everyone who completed today’s challenge. You are all superstars 🌟 Keep up the fantastic and work!

Today’s challenge is a number hunt! Write a selection of numbers between 1 and 100 on scraps of paper. Get someone to hide them around the house or garden for you, go on a number hunt to find them all then put them in order from smallest to largest! Good luck and happy hunting!

Challenge 2-

Well done to everyone who completed today’s challenge! I was impressed with all of your writing and really enjoyed reading them.

Todays challenge is to write a letter to a friend who you can’t see at the minute. Tell them what you have been doing and ask them some questions about what they have been doing. You could take a photo of your letter and ask a parent to send it to your friend. They might write a letter back to you!

Thank you and well done to everyone who completed today’s challenge!! Be ready for another one tomorrow!

Challenge 1-

Go on a Minibeast hunt in the garden. Record what you find, draw a picture, label it and write about each minibeast and where you found it. Happy Hunting!

Year 1 expectations

Here are the end of year expectations for a Year 1 child. Hopefully it will provide some guidance about what we teach them in school and what they are expected to be able to do by the end of the year. Drop me an email if you have any questions.

Websites and Ideas

For Maths ideas for learning 2D and 3D shapes there are lots of ideas on this website:

Joe Wickes will be doing a PE lesson every day from 9am

Outdoor Art activities

Follow the link to watch the pandas, tigers, penguins and koalas live from Edinburgh Zoo:

More arts and crafts ideas on this website:

Home learning

I have set up each child with a log in for, epic, a reading app where they can access lots of online books and listen to audio books.

If you send me an email to I can send you an invite for you to access this.

Some fun ideas with lego and duplo!

Fun with money!

Set up a snack shop and give your child a set amount of money to spend throughout the day. They have to find the right coins to make the correct amounts needed to buy different items.

Home Learning in Class 1

Another free website with lots of access to reading books online is:

Extra reading books have been put in your children’s book bags.

Children can download free eBooks from the library, they just need a library membership and pin number, but it’s free to join and can be done online.

There’s lots of great children’s eBooks/eAudiobooks and some interesting magazines like National Geographic etc that may be of interest

Join the library here (click the online option)

For eBooks and eAudiobooks, download the Borrowbox App from Play Store/App Store – guidance here:

For eAudiobooks and eMagazines, download the RB Digital App from Play Store/App Store – guidance here:

Online books also available from: