Quick catch up….

Well it has been such a busy term, we have been too busy to fill in the blog!

We’ve built dens, made puppet theatres, walked around the village, seen our outdoor area be transformed, learnt about the history of school and where we live, learnt about minibeasts, been outdoor artists and we have even been shrunk!

Class 1, you have been superstars all year, keep working hard in class 2, I will be watching!

Remember to keep reading, learning spellings and practising numberbonds etc. – But more importantly – have a fab SUMMER HOLIDAY!!

The Sound Collector – goes Outdoors!

Here it is…as promised…our fantastic sound collector poem about the great outdoors. We each worked on our own verses and then we used a line from everyone’s work to make a class poem. We are very pleased with it…

Class 1 explored the Great Outdoors,

Dressed all in brown and green,

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them off the scene.

The whistling of the blackbird

The blowing of the wind

The jumping of the frog

across the calm stream

The singing of the robin

The falling of the water

The clipping of the horses

running quickly by.

The drifting of the lake

The pecking of the woodpecker

The revving of the motorbike

on the long road

The hooting of the owl

The crashing of the waves

The stamping of the feet

running down the path

The hissing of the snake

The ticking of the crickets

The dripping of the raindrops

as it starts to rain

The clicking of the grasshopper

The meowing of the kitten

The whooshing of the trees

blowing in the breeze

The tweeting of the birds

The woofing of the dog

The beeping of the horn

in the busy traffic jam

Class 1 called this morning

They didn’t leave their name

They left us only silence

Life will never be the same.

The Sound Collector

In English we have been looking at the poem ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. We have looked closely at the poem, talked about our favourite parts and the sounds he pinches. We also made our own recording of the poem.

Next we are going to look at writing our own poems using the same pattern but this time based on the sounds of the ‘Great Outdoors’.

Our “visitor”!!!

This morning, we were very surprised to see the ‘visitor’ that had been in class 1 over night!!

The children wrote some fantastic wanted posters to tell everyone what had happened and what the alien looked like!

Unfortunately I can’t share the video for security reasons but we hope to show it in library time alongside some of the fantastic writing!

Phonis, phonics, phonics!

Below is a list of useful websites to support with the phonics we are working on in class and to prepare for the phonics screening check.


http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/index.htm (try out the free games)

http://www.ictgames.com/literacy.html (try the phonics games)

http://www.mrthorne.com/ (lots of videos to watch with words to read)





For anyone wanting anymore information about the screening please just ask. This video is also useful for further information…

Off to a flying start…

Gosh Class 1 we have only been back 3 days and we have already been so busy…starting our new theme, changing displays, completing new challenges, writing about Christmas and a train track appearing in the corridor!!!

What are you looking forward to this term? What would you like to find out during our ‘Land, Space, Air – I can travel everywhere’ theme?