What a week to end this half term!

Class one have continued to work incredibly hard over this last half term. We are very proud of all their achievements and their hard working attitudes!
We hope you have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing you back for more fun and fantastic learning.

This week in Class 1….


We have been giving each other directions to get to a specific place. We used vocabulary such as right, left, half and quarter turns and gave the number of steps to move forward.


We were balancing this week and had a go at partner balancing, using each other as a counter balance!
It was lots of fun.

‘We can do anything we put our minds to’

We have been talking lots about being positive this week!


We have been exploring the value of coins, finding different ways of making the same amount and finding the right coins to buy different items in the shop.


We were practising our accuracy of passes with the football this week.

We have been looking a different places of worship and today we shared out of ideas of how a place of worship can make you feel, what they are for and what you might do there.


Our computer skills are really developing. Today we had a go at inserting images and practised our typing on the keyboard to write instructions for planting a seed.


We wanted to share some of the fantastic science work the children have been doing. Last week we worked as a key stage to find and then identify a range of common plants located on the school grounds. The children looked really closely at the different shapes and patterns on the leaves and started to make comparisons between the different plants.

A sunny start to the week! 🌞

Fun Phonics!

We have been learning about speech marks and had a go at writing them in the correct place.

We have been practising telling the time to the hour and half past the hour.

PE. In football we have been practising our ball skills. Dribbling the ball and controlling the ball.


We have really enjoyed practising the relay race and we are getting really good at it!

Our Computing skills are improving!
Today we asked everyone in the class what their favourite flavour of ice cream was. We recorded it in a tally then made a bar chart on Purplemash to show the results.


Another fantastic week in Class 1!


We have been developing our gymnastic skills this week using a range of equipment.

Fairy garden

We have been doing some weeding and tidying in the fairy garden this week and added some nice coloured gravel!


We have been enjoying playing an old game that Mrs Gardner’s grandad made. We threw 2 discs then added the numbers they landed on!

What a marvellous Monday!


We have been looking at finding half of quantities and half of shapes.

Our fairy garden project

We have been working hard on our fairy garden again this week. We wrote letters to some companies who sell items for fairy gardens and have received some replies along with some very generous donations of ornaments, decorations and fairies.

We spent some time setting up all the fabulous ornaments and fairies we have been donated today and are really pleased with how it is looking!

The start of another great week!

The children have come into school this week with such fantastic attitudes, ready to learn and working so hard! Big well done!


We have been doing Multi-skills in PE this week. Practising our balancing, kicking, throwing, running and jumping. It has been great fun!


We have been developing our skills using a spreadsheet program on Purplemash, 2 calculate. This week we practised inputting pictures of animals into the spreadsheet and had a go at making a zoo! We used the move and lock tools so the animals didn’t escape and eat each other!

The start of a new term!

What a brilliant start to the new term and to the week we have had!

We have been identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes and using our shape knowledge to identify which buildings would stand and which would fall.

We have been practising logging on to the computers and on to Purplemash!
We explored a basic spreadsheet program and practised inputting numbers, words and images into the cells.

We then wrote some number sentences and the computer worked out the answers!