Super Sports Week!

Another brilliant week Year 1, big well done!
Only one more week to go! I wish you were all in school to enjoy the last week together, but I am sure I will see you all soon.

A fun activity today…..

There are lots of iconic sporting celebrations, have a go at reenacting some of them or create an iconic celebration of your own! Take a photo or video of your celebrations!

This week….

Amazing Arts Week!

What a super creative week you have had Class one!!

A couple of fun activities to choose from today…

Can you do some blow painting? Here are some fun ideas to create some fun blow paint pictures!

Use really watery paint and a straw or just get your face really close to the paper and blow!

Why not have a go at some rock painting, here are some ideas!

Your amazing work this week….

Picnic week!

What another super week. I have seen you weighing food, finding the cost of your picnic, drawing fruits, investigating where food comes from and learning what foods are healthy!

A fun task for you today…

Who invented the sandwich?!

Now it is your turn to invent! I want you to invent a new sandwich!

I want you to create a brand new sandwich today!
Think about….

the shape of your sandwich

what is going to be inside it

the type of bread you are using

who is your sandwich for?

Be as fun and adventurous as you like!

Can you draw your sandwich and list what is in it?

You might even want to have a go at making your sandwich!!

As an extra challenge write some instructions for how someone else can make your sandwich!

The fun you have had this week!

We planned our picnic stories, what happened next from the picture then filmed them!

In this one, a lovely picnic was being enjoyed until a bird, a rabbit, a fox and then a shark stole all their food!

A picnic was being enjoyed but someone or something was stealing their food, they didn’t know who it was until they saw the big, scary bear!

Into the Woods week!

Well done on another fabulous week!

I can see lots of you enjoyed learning and exploring outdoors!

I have posted lots of your fantastic achievements below.

Today’s treat task!

As a treat I thought you would like some fun activities for today!

Can you make a picture or collage outside using the natural materials you can find?
Can you make it symmetrical or a repeating pattern?

You could try making faces or other pictures using mud or clay!

Or why not make a friendship flower. You could make it for yourself to say why you are a good friend or make one about one of your friends saying why they are a good friend!

Amazing week into the woods!

Outstanding Oceans Week!


We have been blown away with your work this week and all that you have done! I have posted a celebration of your achievements further down on this page!

As a treat we have set you 2 fun tasks you can choose from or do both if you want!

Ocean in a bottle

You need a bottle or jar, water and vegetable oil.

You could add food colouring, sand, shells, plastic animals, anything else you might have or can find!

Alfie had a go at this….

Big Art!

Some of you have already had a go at this earlier in the week but they looked so good and so much fun I thought I would set it anyway!

Can you create some underwater sea creatures using your clothes or things you can find in the house?

Alfie and I had fun creating these…

Here is a celebration of your achievements this week!

Amazing reading on epic! You have read over 400 books!