Ready for the Easter weekend, why not have a look on the website or download the app for make time to play! Lots of fun play ideas for at home.

Alfie helped me read one of his favourite stories today. I think you will like it, it’s very funny and a bit silly!

Why don’t you have a go at writing your own version of Old MacDonald. You could use new animals that he could see or he could hear something like in this story. Be as fun and imaginative as you want!

If you don’t want to write a new one, you could have a go at changing the ending to this one, who did Parp at the end…

I have been enjoying writing some poems so I thought you might like to have a go. Write the letters of your name down the side of the page and think of a word to describe yourself beginning with that letter. I did one for Alfie,

You could even try and write one for different members of your family or your friends!

Your poems are amazing! I have really enjoyed reading them, they are fab and describe you all brilliantly!

Maths: Number of the day.

Why not have a go at making a number of the day poster like the one below and each day complete the questions with a new number!

Word Ladders

Have a go at a word ladder. Start with a 4 letter word change 1 letter in that word and write it underneath, change another letter to create a new word and so on, see how far you can get!

Fun filled day in school on Thursday!

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