What a week we have had Class 1! Some amazing learning going on and you have really made me smile with your enthusiasm and your creativity!

Breaking News!

The Second installment of Storyville News is in!

What fantastic WANTED posters, let’s hope they help find Jack!

You have impressed me so much and really made me smile with the news reports you have sent me already!

Here is the first installment of Storyville News-



Jack is wanted by the police for questioning in relation to a series of thefts from the Giant!

If anyone has seen him please contact the police immediately!

Can you make a WANTED poster to find Jack. Think about describing what he looks like and where he lives and give details of why he is wanted.

You can use a template like the one below , create your own or do it on Purple mash, set as a 2do.

On Purple mash, if you click on the green + at the bottom of the picture box you can search for new pictures!

Friday 24th April

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