Thursday 7th May

Lets prepare for the celebration and your own street party!

To celebrate, there were many street parties across the country. Why not have your own ‘street party’ at home with your family. You could do lots of things to make it special:

  • Dress in red, white and blue
  • Make your own bunting to hang up
  • Make posters to show everyone what you are doing
  • Find some 1940s music to play
  • Make poppies to wear
  • Try some wartime recipes to make for your picnic
  • Find out what games children played and have a go at playing them
  • Enjoy an outdoor picnic in your garden, if the weather is good
  • Most of all HAVE FUN!

Make some bunting, colour in some flags and maybe even do some baking of some war time recipes!

Have lots of fun and a wonderful celebration with your families!

Send us lots of pictures!

Amazing learning this week!

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