Good morning Class 1. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your VE Day celebrations. We certainly had the perfect weather and your photos look fantastic.


Number bonds and addition facts are basic facts which are crucial in many aspects of maths. We looked at number bonds and addition facts in many different ways at the beginning of the spring term. The activities this week will recap and build on previous learning. You will see that children need to be able to see addition and subtraction facts in many different ways and representations.

Today follow the link:  and click on Summer Term Week 3. Watch the video for lesson 1: Part-whole relationships number bonds, then have a go at the activities.

If you would like extra practice, the BBC Bitesize have created additional videos and activities. Sometimes it is helpful to see the same message presented in a different way.

Today’s Reasoning and problem solving. Please remember that it is up to you what you choose to complete and what you feel is appropriate for your child at this moment.

Monday 11th May

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