Today follow the link:  and click on Summer Term Week 3. Watch the video for lesson 4: Add more and count on within 20, then have a go at the activities.

BBC Bitesize also has some activities.

The problems are slightly different today. Additional information and solutions will be sent via mail.

What is computer code?

I previously set you a challenge to find out what an algorithm is. This time can you find out what a computer code is? Follow the link on BBC Bitesize to find out more and the have a go at writing one yourself.

Can you set out a route around your garden or a room in your house and write a procedure to get from one place to another? Test it out on someone in your home. Ask them to be a robot and see if they can follow the procedure as you read it to them. Have you been very clear?

Have a look at Purple Mash for the 2 Dos and see if you can use a computer code: Fun with Fish; Turtle; Guard the Castle and Snail.

Thursday 14th May 2020

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