Elsie has been missing having her singing lessons so has been practising at home.
A beautiful song, sung beautifully. ??

What a busy day you had yesterday Class 1! ???

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole

You have a choice of activities today about the story. You choose what you want to do!

  1. Create a story map for the story by drawing pictures in the order the events happened. I have done one using pictures on the computer. You could do one on the computer or on purple mash using Create a Story or Story board 2do’s.

2. Use my story map to retell the story. Have a go at writing it out or writing key words underneath the pictures.

3. Retell the story by acting it out or using toys / making the animals to show each part of the story and take a photograph of each one.

You choose however you want to retell the story of the Teeny Weeny tadpole!


Have a go at making a jumping fog! You could make more than one and have a jumping race!


Make a frog!

Can you draw, paint or make a frog?

Here are some fun ideas!

Tuesday 19th May

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