Great reading Class 1, you have achieved another badge!

You have had another very busy day, you never fail to amaze me with your hard work! ?

Keep scrolling down to find today’s tasks!

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole

In the story there are lots of words to describe the movement of different animals.

These words sound like the sound of the action. This is called Onomatopoeia.

Can you write all the words like this that you can hear in the story?

I will start you off with the first one…. BOING!

Once you have found all the words in the story you have a choice of 2 activities.

  1. Write the words in a fun way, you could hand write them in bubble writing with pictures or have a go on the computer or tablet using a word art program.
  2. Take a photo or video of you moving in the way the words describe or of you making the sound. (The video at the bottom might give you some good ideas!)

Can you add any new onomatopoeia words too?

Alfie helped me do some yesterday!

Here are some ideas if you get stuck….

I thought you might enjoy another story about a frog!!

The big wide mouthed frog!

Wednesday 20th May

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