Good morning Class 1. We hope that you have all had a lovely weekend.

Did you get to enjoy the cold weather?

Walking on the crispy, frozen grass and crunching through frozen sand on the beach is so much fun! I wonder how many of you drew pictures or wrote messages in the frost.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • Spellings
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Theme
  • End of day story


ay, ai and a-e

Play a game

You could have a go at playing a game to help you remember all the different ai words.


These are the spellings for this week, learn them throughout the week then have a go at the Quiz set for you 2do on Purple mash.

This week we are going to start looking at what we need if we were going to go into space.

We will begin by reading to story, Whatever next by Jill Murphy.

This story starts with a question “Can I go to the moon?”

What is a question?


Write a list of questions that you could ask Baby bear about his trip to the moon.

What do you want to find out?

What do you want to ask him?

Do you want to know any extra details or information about what he did?

When you have your list of questions I want you to do some hot seating! We have done this before in school, you are going to be the character of Baby bear. Get a member of your family to ask you the questions you have written and try and answer them as if you were Baby bear!
What did he do, hear, see, smell, taste?

Here are a few ideas if you need some help to get you going!

Challenge for the week:

Have a go at retelling the story, have some fun with it!
Alfie loved doing this.


This week we are going to be looking at addition. We are starting by using our knowledge of counting on. We are going to be following a lesson delivered by White Rose Maths. It uses a number line up to 20, however you can use your green/yellow ruler as a number line to help you count on or your 100 square.

Below is the worksheet to download which goes with this lesson.

If you would like a further challenge, create your own problems to go with the additions below. Remember to think about which number you will count on from to make it easier when solving them.

9 + 5 =

6 + 17 =

11 + 4 =

Here’s a reminder of the ant problem as an example.


Up, up and away! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly in a hot air balloon, soaring among the clouds? Hot air balloons have been around since 1783, making them the oldest form of human flight.

Choose one or more of the tasks below to learn more about hot air balloons. Below is a link to a video to get you started.

Task 1 – Create your own Fact File like the ones below. I have added questions under each image that you might want to find the answers to.

Where did the first flight take place?
What animals went in the first flight?
What are the 3 main parts of a hot air balloon called?
Where does the largest balloon festival take place?

Task 2 – Imagine you are in a hot air balloon and flew over Brandesburton.

Do you think you would like to be that high up?

What places would you see?

Where might be a good place to land?

Draw a picture or write about what you would see and how you would feel.

Task 3 – Can you make a hot air balloon that actually flies?

We can’t wait to see what you find out and remember you can send in photographs of your tasks whenever you complete them.

End of the day Story

Monday 25th January

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