Good morning Class 1 – Don’t forget today is the start of our ‘Sow a Seed’ project. Packets of seeds will be left outside school along the path near the cycle rack.  Please come and take a packet of seeds from your class box and then get planting. We can’t wait to see all the photographs of your achievements.

Speaking of achievements. Here are some photographs of all the amazing things you have been up to already this week.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Art
  • Wellbeing Wednesday
  • End of day story


Watch this video, try and watch it with the sound off and read along to practice your ai, ay and a-e words!

Now have a go at writing 3 sentences using some of the ai, ay and a-e words you have read.

Can you include more than one ay, ai or a-e word into your sentence?


Following on with our work on Whatever Next, today’s task is to write a set of instructions for what you need to go to the moon like Baby bear did.

To start we are going to learn more about instructions by watching this video,

Go back and listen to the story again to make sure you include everything you need and every step that Baby bear takes to get to the moon and back. Then use the checklist below and collections of boost verbs and time connectives to help you.

Remember to write each instruction as simply as possible in numbered steps.


Before today’s video you might want to have a practise at your number bonds to 10.

How fast can you find the pairs to 10 to free the whale? Click on the picture below to play.

Or you could roll a dice then say the number you would add to it to make 10. If you have two dice you could roll them and if it makes a bond to ten shout ‘BOND’.

We are going to be looking at how we can use our number bonds to 10 to help us learn our number bonds to 20.

During the video Tiny asks you to use your number bonds to 10 to make your number bonds to 20. Practising in a practical way first will help with understanding.

Below is the worksheet to go along with the video. If you don’t want to do question 4, that is absolutely fine.


Christopher Corr

Today I want you to be creative and recreate one of Christopher Corrs images by creating a collage using items of clothing or different materials you can find in your house. It could be Lego bricks, bits of paper, anything you can find!

Choose one of these images:

Here is my attempt!

Art challenge!

Make a colour mixing wheel

Follow the instructions or the video to make a color mixing wheel.

Did you notice that the colors you put on the Color Mixing Wheel were the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow?

Once you start spinning the wheel, what do you notice about each of the three colored circles on the cardboard disc?

What do you think makes this happen?

Extra Challenge

You could have a go at making some simple colour changing spinning tops:

Well being Wednesday

Kindness is my Super power!

We have done lots of work on being kind to others so today I want us to think about how we can be kind to ourselves.

What can we do to keep ourselves happy and healthy?


Wednesday 27th January

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