Morning Class 1. Are you all managing to enjoy the snowy weather? Have you built a snowman yet?

Here is a snow creation from the Plant family. We didn’t quite manage a snowman. I wonder if you can guess what we built instead.

Why not share photographs of your snow creations on Seesaw. We would love to see what you build.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • Snowy Science
  • End of the day Story


Watch this video to practice your oa words.

Now to practice these sounds as well as your handwriting pick 4 words, 1 oa, 1 ow, 1 oe and 1 o-e

Put each word into a sentence and write it out in your super neat handwriting!


Look at the descriptions of the Smeds and the Smoos again.

I want you to create your own alien creature and write a short description of it using rhyming words.

What type of alien is it?

Can you write a short poem or song like the one in the book? Remember to try and make the last words rhyme!

Never ever play with a Floop,

They have 3 eyes and eat green soup.

They like to jump around in hoops,

Never ever play with a Floop.


Today we are going to be looking at comparing number sentences using < = > symbols. If you need a reminder of how we compare numbers first, there is a game to play below.

See the source image

For an extra challenge you could also play Robot More or Less. You can set your own level of difficulty and use the answers to create your own comparison statements.

Snowy Science

We are hoping that there has been a bit more snow overnight because today we would like you to get experimenting in the snow.

There are all sorts of things you could investigate:

How can you make snow melt quicker? slower?

What materials are best for snow gloves?

Does snow float or sink?

You could even create your own snow volcano. Click on the link below to find out more.

This is my attempt.

End of the day Story

Spectacular Space by Tom Fletcher Part 2

Tuesday 9th February

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