Good morning Class 1. We hope you have managed to enjoy some more time in the snow before it disappears. We borrowed the wheelbarrows from Foundation Stage yesterday and had lots of fun transporting the snow around at playtime.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • P.E.
  • Computing
  • End of the day Story


I know you like these games so use them to practice your long o sounds!!


Write a short poem to describe your alien and where it lives…

Use some of the bits from Tuesday’s work and your planet description yesterday.

Can you make it rhyme?

Here is my poem!

I am a Floop from Planet Flip,

I have 3 eyes and I like to skip.

Planet Flip is blue and slimy,

It has big lakes that are silver and shiny.

I have red fur and hands like scoops,

All the Floops like to eat green soup.

We like to play and like to sing,

We dance around the big Floop King.

All the Flip’s are very friendly,

We give good hugs because our bodies are bendy.

We hope you come and visit us soon,

On Planet Floop, just to the left of the moon.


We hope you enjoyed the problem solving yesterday. Today we are keeping the Space theme and looking at rockets.

We would like you to choose 3 of your favourite colours and see how many different ways you can colour the rocket.

Predict how many ways you think you can do it before you start.

Below is a document with lots of rockets ready for you to colour.

How many ways do you think you could do it if you only had 2 colours?

What if you had 4 colours? Do you think there would be more ways?

The rocket is made of different shapes. Why not have a try at making your own shape rocket or even a shape alien.

See the source image
See the source image

Can you name all the shapes you have used?


Exercise is activity that requires physical effort. Have a think about all the fun you have had in the snow over the last few days. I bet you have done lots of exercise.

Did you throw snowballs?

Did you pull someone along in a sledge?

Did you shovel snow to make a snowman?

Well if there is enough snow, then keep up the good work!

However if you need a bit of rest after all this exercise, then why not share the ‘Mr. Men Winter Sports’ book.

After listening to the story I want you to think about what snowy event you could suggest for Little Miss Somersault’s competition.

You can either draw and write about your ideas, or if it safe enough, you could get outside and have a go.

Here’s an idea to get you started.

Snowball archery – create a target and then see if you can aim your snowball at the centre.

See the source image


Practice your coding skills by playing this game on this website.

Can you put the correct code together so the astronaut can get the tools they need?

End of the day story

Spectacular Space part 4

Thursday 11th February

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