Good Morning Class 1!

I hope you are all well?


This week we will be approaching our homework slightly differently. Inside your book bag you have a writing activity to complete:

Tips for adults at home:

It may be useful to talk through your child’s ideas first before they get started so that they are not overwhelmed.

Also you may wish to jot down some ideas with your child, a mini-story map; Build-up, event, resolution. e.g:

A child was walking to school one day with a jar of honey and they met a bear.

The bear was clinging onto a lamppost and was very hungry.

The child shared the honey with the bear.

After completing the story map, I would then spend a maximum of 20minutes writing a story.


In addition to your English homework; I would like you to continue practicing your subtraction skills using the following website, if you simply scan the QR code with a tablet or mobile phone:

Alternatively, you can use the following web link:

As always if you are unsure about your homework, please come and speak to me.

Take care Mr Mallison

Homework 20.1.22

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