Good Afternoon Class 1!

I want to say a massive thank you for this afternoon the taste test for Design and Technology was a great success. Also I am very proud of you all for trying everything, even when you were a little bit unsure as to whether or not you would like it or not. Check out Seesaw for pictures.

Homework | The SGS Academy Trust

Maths Homework

This week in maths we have been learning about weight and mass. On Seesaw I have uploaded the following worksheet for you to have a go at!


Next week we are going to be having a big push on punctuation, therefore I want us to have a little practice with full stops. Once again on Seesaw I will be posting the following activity:

Q6 asks you to write the sentence correctly on the line. I am more than happy for you to ask your child to write the sentence on a separate piece of paper and then for you to upload it to Seesaw.

Have a great weekend!

Homework – 13th May

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