Good Evening Class!

I hope I find you all well this evening. Another amazing week of learning this week in class 1. The children have really enjoyed their foundation subjects this week, they were really excited in Geography to find out the different between a hamlet, village, town and city. Moreover, they were very engaged with their work on human and physical features within the village, you could even challenge them to tell you the difference between the two and give you an example. In Science the children began their new unit on Animals including humans. They loved the challenge of deciding whether a living things was a mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian or fish. They are also making great steps towards learning the songs for the Christmas play (I apologise now for them singing Christmas Cracker constantly!).


In maths the children continue to learn about addition and subtraction. I have been very impressed as to how quick the children have picked up this skills and their ability to apply it to problem solving scenarios. Miss Northen covered my maths lesson on Tuesday, due to me conducting a learning walk to see how the other children in school are getting on in maths and she expressed her delight to me regarding how impressed she was with the children! Next week, the children will complete the subtraction strand of the unit.


In English this week the children have continued their setting description work linked to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. We have spent time improving word choices to make our writing more engaging, explored a range of unfamiliar words from the book and then used them to create our own sentences. Finally, the children then revisited adding a suffix to make a singular noun plural by adding ‘s’.


RWI Home learning:

Practice your  story green words and red words from your home reading book on a piece of paper at home. These can be found on the How to help your child read this book page.

Challenge: Can you use the words in sentences?

English Homework

This week I would like you to play a game to practice your knowledge of plurals. When you follow the link, make sure you click on the demonstrations first and grab an adult to check our understanding, as they might need to read the explanations to you (note for adults – sometimes the sound doesn’t work for me). You only need to look at the demonstrations for ‘s’ and ‘es’. Then you can play the adding s or es game.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Mallison

Weekly Round Up 17th November

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