Good Evening Class 1!

I hope I find you all well this evening?

This week in class 1 has seen the children investigate what different items in class are made from in our Science lessons. In PE the children have loved playing Dodgeball and our dance unit linked to The Lion King. We have completed our history unit, exploring the differences between Victorian seaside holidays, Post War seaside holidays and the modern era, with a clear focus on the transportation methods used and how this has changed where we visit and the types of holidays that we enjoy. Next week will see us take part in art week. I don’t’ want to give anything away at this point, but I am super excited about everything that we have planned.

In maths this week the children have started their Addition and Subtraction unit. We have found it tricky to start with, but we are showing great resilience and we are applying our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to solve addition problems to 20. Next week, we will work on our number bonds to 20, doubles, near doubles and subtracting ones using number bonds.


In English we have completed our story writing unit and commenced our non-fiction unit linked to the book, Seaside Holidays: Then and Now. The children will be writing a Non-Chronological Report about seaside holidays based upon what they have learned in their history lessons. So far the children have explored non-fiction texts, identified the key features of NCRs in addition to exploring prefixes.

RWI Home learning:

Practice your  story green words and red words from your home reading book on a piece of paper at home. These can be found on the How to help your child read this book page.

Challenge: Can you use the words in sentences?


The children struggled a little bit today with their knowledge of number bonds to 20. Therefore I would like them to practice their number bonds using the Hit the Button online game platform:


  1. Select the number bonds button.
  2. Choose make 20.

If you are struggling with number bonds to 20, please have ago at number bonds to 10. The knowledge that you gather from number bonds to 10 will help with your number bonds to 20 (remember what I showed you in class with the red and blue pens on the board).

Have a great weekend!

Mr Mallison

Weekly Round up 2nd February

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