We had a great day in school and have been very busy!

An important message for you all

Dear Mums,
Please remember one thing on your list of 400 today..
You are not a teacher. You are a parent.
You’re not home schooling, you’re ‘crisis’ schooling.
You cannot possibly become a skilled professional overnight and do it whilst the world around you crumbles and grinds to a halt.
Your job is to continue some sort of a ‘fun’ learning structure, with love.
Patience above anything.
That’s your goal every day.
To not feel so strangled by the pressure, that you transfer it over in the form of ‘yes you can do this you’re not listening’….
This is hard.
I mean, it’s really hard.
If you get through this with nothing achieved or ‘taught’ but you kept everyone safe and calm…
You are a warrior.
The kids will learn when they are back in school.
From you, right now, they will learn that they are loved and that their Mummy is a legend.
She held it together.
That’s enough.
It’s so very much enough.
When her hard times come, she will look back, straighten her crown and remember whose daughter she is.
Or he will remember whose son he is.
And that, is pretty amazing work, if you ask me.
You’ve got this.
We’ve got this.
Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay home.

Day in school

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