Well done everyone for completing today’s challenge, another great effort from you all and I loved seeing what was on your wish list!

Last challenge of the week! Today I want you to think about what you are missing and what you would love to do when all this is over. Write 10 things you ate looking forward to doing when we can all get out again and see each other.

If you want to you could cut these out, fold them up and pop them in a jar or a pot then when this is over you can pick them out one at a time and do what it says!

Some extra activities

Here a few more ideas and activities if you want to have a go!

Have a go at doing this with string maybe!!

Saw this which could be fun!

This is quite a good website with fun maths ideas and activities, free to register!


2 thoughts on “Friday

  • I have written my 10. It didn’t take me long!
    I can’t wait to see everyone back in school and to give my mum a very big hug.
    Happy Easter.
    From Mrs Ledingham

  • So much incredible writing Class 1, you have been working hard at home. I can’t wait to see my mum and go to the swimming pool! Happy Easter!

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