Welcome back Class 1. We hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed lots of sunshine!

We should be starting our last term of Class 1 and I am sad we are not in school to do so. Over the next few weeks, more children will be returning to school as will I along with most of the other teachers. Because of this, it would be tricky to keep each class blog going so this is the last week it will work like this and we will be moving to more of a whole school approach next week.

I will post more details about this as the week progresses.

Alphabetical Order

This week we are looking at alphabetical ordering.

Today I want you to find a selection of objects around the house and then put them in alphabetical order.

Think about what letter each item starts with then order them as to where that letter is in the alphabet. The word which has the first letter that appears earlier in the alphabet will come first.

I had a go too…

If you need to recap the alphabet, use this song to help.

Monday 1st June!

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