I hope you have had a lovely half term and taken full advantage of the weather. I will continue to post White Rose videos and activities this week along with some other activities which will help you practise the skills you have learnt. Feel free to choose the most suitable for you. Please remember there is no expectation that you complete everything.

Please make sure you read Mrs Gardener’s message about the blog next week.


This week I would have continued with week 5 of the White Rose Home Learning lessons. However, they cover measures, which we have already completed. There are alternative lessons which I will link to and these cover shape. Please feel free to continue with the week 5 activities if you feel these are suitable for your child and you want them to recap measures.

Today watch the video below. Alternatively, follow the link: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/   Click on week 5 and go to lesson 4 and look for Already covered this content? Click here and you will be taken to an alternative plan. At the bottom there is a vimeo link which will take you to the video shown here.

Reasoning and problem solving

Using 3D Shapes

Build your house out of junk. Which shapes do you need to use? You could build your street or the houses of family members. Are they different to yours? How will you use the shapes to build theirs?


This half term you have thought a lot about plants and mini beasts that live in your garden. Today I would like you to use your knowledge and create a miniature garden. You could make it for a mini beast – what would they like in the garden? Think about where they live and their habitat. Do they like it dark or sunny, warm or cool, dry or damp? Or you may just design and create a garden you would like. Here are some ideas:

Don’t forget to send a picture when you have made it!

Welcome back!

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