Today watch the video below. Alternatively, follow the link:   Click on week 6, go to lesson 2 and look for Already covered this content? Click here and you will be taken to an alternative plan. Click on the vimeo link for Recognise and name 2-D shapes and this will take you to the video shown here.

Reasoning and Problem Solving


A bit more science today! This weeks Great Science Share theme is UN World Environment Day. First of all find out about your environment. You can make the Question Frame and use it to observe what is in your environment. What can you see? What is different outdoors and indoors? What material are things made from? Can they be recycled? Are they natural or man made?

Have a go at thinking of your own questions that you would like to find out more. Maybe you could make the question teller to help you think of more questions.

Follow the link to The Great Science Share to find out more information about the weeks theme.

Wednesday 3rd June

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