Another amazing day of learning yesterday Class 1, you make us so proud!

Sebby’s film trailer:

Today’s tasks:

  • Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • English
  • Maths
  • Computing
  • PE


Tricky words!

Watch this video to help you practice some of your tricky words.

The first time you watch it keep the sound on and see if you can say the word before they do, then watch it again with the sound off and see how many you get right!


Pick 5 of the tricky words from the video.

Write each word out 3 times, as neat as you can.

Now put each word into a sentence and write it out making sure you form each letter correctly and use finger spaces!


Taking Flight.

The little boy experiences lots of different feelings and emotions through this film / story.

Today I want you to draw / make a feelings graph to show the how boy’s feelings change throughout the story.

Think about what happens to the boy through the story, how that makes him feel then how those feelings change.

Keep pausing the film as you watch it to record the changes in his feelings.

Here are a few examples and templates you could use to give you an idea.


Counting/Practical – Based on what I am seeing in school and feedback, it would appear that although the children are confident at counting in tens they are finding it hard to switch between tens and ones.

Today I would like you to continue to practise using the 100 square and the base 10 equipment to count up to a number.

Moving from tens to ones

You may want to spend some time helping your child to go from the tens number to the next number and helping them to recognise where they are on the 100 square.

20 – 21 or 30 – 31 or 50 – 51

Counting to 25

You could use 2 different colour objects to cover the tens and ones as you count.

When counting 10, 20 cover the numbers with a blue counter. When counting 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 cover the number with a red counter. This will help your child to see the switch from counting in tens to counting in ones.

Encourage them to recognise that when you count in tens you move down the 100 square and when you count in ones you move across.

Write the numbers

If you child mistakenly counts 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 because they do not change to counting in ones, ask them to write the numbers as the place each block.

If they write 30 when you they get to 21, ask them to make 30 using just the ten rods. Look at the difference between the 3 tens (30) and 21. Hopefully they should begin to recognise their mistake.

Thank you for a great idea!

Why not make your own abacus. Put your tens on one stick and your ones on another to make a number.

Roll a dice to decide how many Cheerios to add to the tens and then the ones.

It looks like the number 24 (10, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24) has been made so far. What number will it be when another ten is added?

Task – I would like you to show me these numbers in as many different ways as you can.

15 23 32 46

We have used tens grids, a 100 square and base 10 equipment this week, but there are lots of other ways to show numbers. I look forward to seeing all your ideas on Seesaw or through the Class 1 email.


Last week we looked at ordering instructions and using code to tell a computer what to do. Many of you had a try at the activity on Purple Mash and were able to get your fish to move up, down, left and right. Some of you even managed to get your fish to move ‘when clicked’.

When you write a code, it is easy to make mistakes. The steps might be in the wrong order, a step might be missing or it might need more detail. These mistakes are called Bugs.

Watch the clip from BBC bitesize to find out more.

BBC Bitesize –

Can you spot the bugs in these codes and write the correct ones?

Freddy is designing toy traffic lights. He programs a car to stop when the lights are red and go when the lights are green.


If red, Go.

If green, Go

Sam is writing a program for a washing machine. He needs it to wash, then rinse and then spin the clothes.





Now have a go at the Coding activity in your 2DOs on Purple Mash. Click on the videos as they will help you as you go along.

I have also added a paper coding activity below.

Help the pirate find his treasures by writing the correct code.


This term in school we would have been starting to learn some basic gymnastic skills

We are going to start with some basic balances.

Join in with this video:

Can you create some of your own balances now?

How long can you hold them for without wobbling?

Can you think of different balances on different parts of your body?

Send some pictures and videos of all your balances!

Keeping fit and healthy

I know lots of you are going for walks, bike rides and scooter rides, getting lots of fresh air but here are a couple more fun active ideas for you if you want to keep active throughout the week:

Joe Wicks is delivering live PE lessons on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9am, these are available to do at a later date too from his YouTube channel…

Cosmic kids yoga is another fun one to do with lots of different themes to choose from….

Thursday 14th January

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