To all the children in Class one,

We want to say a big Well Done!

Each one of you is working hard, both in school and at home.

You clearly are all superstars and WOW, our minds are blown!

You have all worked so hard this week we want to give you a bit of a break now it is Friday. Have a go at the Phonics, Reading and Maths tasks then the rest of the activities are optional. This afternoon we want you to relax, snuggle up on the sofa and watch your favourite film! You have deserved a treat!

Today’s tasks:

  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Maths

These tasks are optional:

  • English
  • Fun Friday Activities
  • Storytime!

Now chill out and watch your favourite film!


Have a go at this game on Phonics Bloom. Read the question and answer yes or no to let the penguin cross the bridge.

Remember to use your phonic sounds to help you read the questions!


We have assigned a book for you to read on epic!

Once you have read it there is a quiz to complete at the end of it.


You have all been doing a great job in Maths this week, so today we would like you to play a board game. Lots of board games help you to develop your counting skills. As we have been looking at numbers to 100, Snakes and Ladders might be a good one to choose. If you do not have this game, you could make your own snakes and ladders and stick them onto the 100 square with a bit of Sellotape. It’s always good to have a big snake that goes right from the top back down to the bottom!!

English (Optional)

Pobble writing

Just like we do in school on a Friday, you can have a go at doing some independent writing using a picture stimulus.

This is an independent task so the children can get on with it on their own and you can see what they can do!

You can choose which picture you want to write about then choose to write a story, a letter, a postcard, an information text or a set of instructions about it! Remember to write in clear sentences and add lots of detail with some super vocabulary.

Fun Friday Task (Optional)

Spell your name through exercises!

Use the different activities for each letter to spell out your name!

Story time! (Optional)

We thought you might like to hear a story to finish off your week!

Friday 15th January

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