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Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • Theme
  • End of the day Story


This week we are going to look at the oo sound which can be spelt, ew, ue, and u-e and u.

Just like we normally do, firstly we are going to draw a table with 5 columns!


Who was Amy Johnson?

Watch the videos below to help you learn about Amy.

You can also do your own research if you want too!


Create a fact file for Amy Johnson.

This can be a poster, a video fact file or a written fact file.

Here are some examples you could use:

Extra challenge –

Try this quiz to see how much you have remembered about Amy Johnson.


This week we are going to be looking at length and height. Today we are going to have a recap on comparing lengths. For this lesson you will need to have a spoon ready.

Watch the short video to help you recap how we can compare lengths and the language that we use when making comparisons, then have a go at the challenges underneath.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

When making comparing lengths try an use comparison statements like the ones below.

‘The teddy bear is shorter than the longest snake.’

‘The plate is twice as long as a tens rod.’

Don’t forget to make predictions when you are comparing lengths.

‘I think that the book will be longer than the snake.’


See the source image

This half term we are going to be learning more about the United Kingdom, but to start we would like to find out more about the places you have visited. You may have travelled abroad to different countries, to places in the United Kingdom or to places near to where you live.

Our school is in Brandesburton, which is in the country England. Using the maps below talk with a family member about the location of Brandesburton and the places you have visited. Think about:

  • how you got there
  • how far away it is
  • what places are nearby
  • what country it is in
  • what landmarks you saw
  • what activities you did
See the source image
See the source image

Click on the link to take you to an interactive world map that lets you look at different countries in greater detail.


After you have explored the maps we would like you to write and draw about one or more of the places you have visited.

It would be fantastic if you could send in any photographs of places you have visited within the United Kingdom or share any postcards/leaflets to support our classroom displays and future lessons.

End of the day Story

Here is an old favourite of mine for our story today!

Monday 22nd February

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