Well done Class 1 for a super start to a new half term. We have had lots of great work already.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • End of day story


Now you are going to write 4 sentences, one with an oo word, one with an ew word, one with an ue word and the last one with an u-e word!

Remember this is a chance to practice your handwriting too!

Here is an extra video to watch as I know you like the alphablocks!


Why was Amy Johnson special?

What did she do?

Was what she did easy?

What sort of person do you think Amy was? What evidence have you got to show this?

She made news headlines when she did this as it was a great achievement!

If this was done a few years later she probably would have made it into the Guinness Book of Records!

Choice of tasks –

  1. Write a news report to share the news of Amy’s achievement
  2. Record a TV news report to share the news of Amy’s achievements. Maybe you could even interview her!
  3. Create a page for Amy Johnson for the Guinness Book of World Records

Below are some resources which may help you.

A page from the Guinness Book of World Records


Some fantastic measuring yesterday Class 1.

Today I would like you to use the words below to help describe the height of objects in your home.

Next have a look at the image below. Are the animals the same height? Can you explain your ideas?

What ways can you think of to make yourself taller?

If you would like further practise at comparing lengths and heights, watch the video below before completing the worksheet.

Click on the link below to play an online measuring game. Please select the animal option.



Mrs Platten has kindly planned our Science for the next few weeks until we return to school. To start with we would like you to watch this video song clip (join in with it if you would like). It’s quite fun and really useful to recap all the science learning we did on materials before half-term.

Ok, now you are ready for today’s science activity. We think you’d agree that you wouldn’t wear paper clothes in the rain but we are going to use paper today in our investigation into strong shapes, so you’ll be be using your maths knowledge too! You will need 3 sheets of A4 paper but don’t worry if you don’t have exactly that as you could try newspaper, wrapping paper or even thin card instead. Watch this short video clip to find out more.

Construct your tower shapes and test out how many books or other flat objects you can place on top before each of your towers collapse. Use the same objects each time as this makes it a fair test. Do you know the mathematical names for the 3D towers you have made? You can record your findings in whichever way you wish. Perhaps you could make a short video or audio commentary? Don’t forget to upload some photos to Seesaw too so we can look at your investigation. If you want to challenge yourself can you find out or remind yourself what a 2D pentagon, hexagon or octagon shape looks like and create that shape for the base of your tower?

If you have enjoyed that task and would like to do a further paper activity, you can make paper spinners. These use some of the principles that the early aviators had to use for gliders before they developed the technology and engineering to make the aeroplanes with engines that Amy Johnson flew.

End of the day Story

Another Julia Donaldson story today, Room on the Broom!

Tuesday 23rd February

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