Good morning Class 1. We had a really productive day yesterday. The children in school did lots of work and then got busy helping to get our classroom set up for when we all return. We even set Mr Todd a challenge of making some new things for our role play area.

Tomorrow in Design Technology we will be looking at how vehicles move, so it would be useful if today you could find some objects that you could use for wheels and axles. Straws, sticks, K-Nex rods, Lego wheels, cardboard wheels, bottle tops etc.

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Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science


This snakes and ladders game has so many sounds on it that we should now know!

Practice reading these sounds by playing the game. If you can’t print you could pick a number between 1 and 78 or roll 2 dice to give you a 2 digit number then read the sound on that square then say a word that has that sound!


Yesterday you worked so hard to find lots of things that were the same and lots of things that were different for Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart.

Today you are going to read a letter from Amelia to Amy.

Your task today is to write a letter back to Amy. Can you answer some of the questions she has asked? Can you send her a positive message to wish her luck on her journey? You can write your letter onto paper or in your homework book but there are also two templates below.

The next installment from Mrs Platten:


Today we are going to be looking at problems which involve subtracting lengths, so before you start I would like you to play a quick subtraction game.

Roll a dice. The number you roll is the answer. Can you find a calculation on the grid with that answer?

Roll a 5. You could find 6 – 1 as it equals 5.

You could cross off the calculations and see if you can get 3 in a row.


We have a fun activity today to help think about why some materials are great for making some objects and not others.

Would a teapot made of chocolate be any good for example? I think it would melt into a soggy gooey mess don’t you?

How about a hat made of glass? Most of you would probably say that it’s not a good idea as it could break easily and hurt you, but some people might that think it’s a good idea as they know that glass is a waterproof material and they won’t get wet if it rains!

For your activity today you are going to use two spinners. One will choose a material and one will choose an object. You can then decide if the material is a good match for the object. You can just discuss this with your family or your classmates in school if you wish but you could write your ideas down or make a video or audio clip to share your ideas.

You will need the spinner templates, a pencil and a paper clip if you have one. If you don’t want to print the spinner template, you can use the one online by laying your tablet or i-pad flat. If you don’t have a paper clip you can always cut up the materials and put them in one bag and cut up the objects and put them in another, then select one from each bag to make your choices.

Think about these questions whilst you are doing the activity.

  1. What are these objects used for?
  2. Are these two things a good match?
  3. What would happen if we made that object from that material?
  4. Are there any other materials that we could use instead?

Finally, have a look at these unusual uses of materials. Discuss them with whoever you are with. Do you like the ways that these materials have been used?

Mr Platten has turned his old work boots into nesting boxes for birds. Have you got any unusual uses of materials in your home?

Tuesday 2nd March

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