A fantastic start to your last week of home learning!
You have been as busy as always and done some brilliant things!

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Design Technology
  • Wellbeing Wednesday


Game day!

Practice your phase 5 sounds using these games on word wall or use the sound mat to help you make your own game to practice your sounds. Maybe we could use these games when we are back in school next week!



We are going to complete our work on Amelia Earhart today. Remember last week when we said that Amy Johnson was courageous or brave? It must have been quite scary to go up in an aeroplane when not many people had done it before, especially not alone. Amelia was also very courageous. Both Amy and Amelia were determined and resilient too and they loved a challenge.

Today I want you to try and imagine what Amelia was thinking when she flew solo over the Atlantic Ocean. You can complete the thought bubble template or draw your own thought bubbles and add your ideas to them.

Your second task is to think of three things that Amelia would have needed on her journey that would have been really important to her. if I were going on a long journey today, my most important thing of all to take would be my mobile phone as I could use Google Maps to plan my route and I could ring someone if I needed help. Amelia wouldn’t have been able to do that as mobile phones hadn’t been invented then. I think I would then choose a snack like chocolate and if I wasn’t driving I would take my Kindle or a book.

What are you going to choose for Amelia? You can draw and label them and then if you want to, you can write a short explanation of why the things you have chosen would be important. There is a template or you can just draw them on paper or in your homework book.

The next installment from Mrs Platten.


To get us ready for world book day tomorrow, we thought we would look at a book about measuring. We wonder if you have heard it before.

It is called ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.

During the story the two characters talk about how much they love each other trying to make the distance longer each time.

Your task is to think of your own ways to say how much you love someone. Choose 3 ways and try to get each one to increase in length each time.

I love you as much as my arms can stretch.

I love you as high as I can hop.

I love you to the moon and back.

Choose one of your ideas to write and draw a new page for the story.

Design Technology

Today we are going to be investigating wheels, axles and chassis. First I would like you to look at the picture below.

How does this car move? Talk through your ideas with a family member.

Vehicles all have wheels to make them move. The wheels are attached by axles. Axles can work in two ways: they are either attached firmly to the wheel so the axle rotates and the wheels turn with it, or the wheels are placed loosely on the axle so that the wheels turn around the axle. If the wheels are not attached to the axle, you need to use something to stop the wheels from falling off. This can be a bolt or washer, or anything that will prevent the wheel from coming off the axle as they are turning.

Axles then need to be attached to a chassis. The chassis is the framework of the vehicle and attaches the axles and wheels to the body of the vehicle.

Number 1 – With this chassis, the axles are attached to the chassis from underneath. This means the axles cannot turn around. The wheels are placed over the axles but not attached so that the wheels can rotate around the axle.

Number 2 – The axles are not fixed to the chassis in this example. Instead, the axles are put through holes in the chassis so that the axle can turn around. The wheels are firmly attached to the axle so they turn when the axle turns.

Now for today’s task. We would like you to try some different ways of putting wheels, axles and chassis together.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

We hope you have lots of fun. Don’t forget to upload your ideas to Seesaw.

Well being Wednesday


Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones

Discuss persevering and not giving up.

Here is a funny video that will help show you what it means to persevere!

This llama does everything he can to reach his goal and doesn’t let the obstacles keep him down!

  • What challenges did the llama face?
  • How did the llama persevere toward his goal?
  • What feelings do you think he experienced while chasing the fruit?
  • How does it feel when you face challenges when you’re working toward a goal?
  • What kind of things can you say to yourself to help you persevere toward a goal?

Think about a goal you want to achieve.

What will you need to do in order to achieve this?

Wednesday 3rd March

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