Good Morning Class 1,

This week for our homework, we are going to try something a little bit different. Yesterday, I was on an English course in the afternoon and as part of the course we looked at; Talk for Writing. I thought that this could be something that we could have a go at!

Notes for Parents:

What is talk for write?

Brief summary: Writing improves when children have an opportunity to talk about it. They have the chance to collect vocabulary, rehearse the structure of sentences and refine ideas before they start the writing process.

For homework this week I will provide the children with a sentence and then ask them to improve part of it. For example:

Task: Can you improve the opening of this sentence?

I went to Tesco.

Example answer:

On Saturday, I went to Tesco.

I was very hungry so I went to do the shopping at Tesco.

We needed some party treats, so I went to Tesco.

To complete the activity the children should go through the following stages:

For example, if you read the starting sentence to the children and allow them think about how they could improve the sentence. Next. ask them to say the sentence to you and see if the sentence makes sense. Repeat the child’s sentence back to the child and then ask them to repeat it back to you. The child should then write the sentence down, encourage the child to read the sentence back to you as it appears on the page. You should then read the sentence and ask the child if it makes sense and if it could be improved. After the child has improved the sentence, one final check should take place.

I hope this all makes sense!

As well as sending out Talk for write activities as part of homework we will also be completing similar activities in school.

Submitting work: Please could you take images of your child’s writing/record videos of your child saying the sentence and upload onto Seesaw?

Sentences for this week:

Can you improve this sentence?

Jack made a cake.

Can you improve the start of this sentence?

I went to the beach

Can you improve this sentence?

I wnet to eth shpo for sum cakes.


On Purplemash I have set the children a spelling game to complete. To complete the activity, I would read through the word with your child, sound it out and then let them have a go at spelling the word.

Reading Challenge

Miss Northen has set us the challenge of beating Class 2 with our number of reads over the course of the coming week. Therefore Class 1, it is really, really important that we log down all of our reading in our home reading logs. This past week in Class 2 a child managed to read an amazing 4 times, but I think we can beat that easily!

I’ve also been looking at Class 2’s Seesaw account and noticed that some of the children have been uploading videos of themselves reading with an adult at home, Miss Northen and I, would love to see the children in Class 1 also enjoying their reading at home. Therefore, if you would like to you could upload examples of you reading at home to Seesaw.

Homework 11th February

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