Good Evening Class 1,

This week for our homework, we are going to have another go at our talk for writing.

Just as a recap, here is the process to go through:

Sentences for this week:

Can you improve these sentences?

Three little pigs built a wall.

Jacob played on his motorbike

Can you improve the start of these sentences?

I went to the cafe.

The queen rode in a carriage

Can you improve this sentence?

On satrudya I plaid gollf wiv me frienDS.

Submitting work: Please could you take images of your child’s writing/record videos of your child saying the sentence and upload onto Seesaw?

Reading Challenge

Over the past couple of weeks I have really enjoyed watching children read at home. I would be super pleased to see more examples of you all reading at home uploaded onto Seesaw.


I have set you a 2Do to complete on Purple Mash linked to number bonds, I would like you to visit the Dino World Island if you are feeling brave enough!

You may wish to visit the Myth Valley.

For now I’d stay away from Robot City as it might be a little too tricky.

Have a great weekend!

Homework Friday 4th March

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