Good Evening Class 1.

Before letting you know what your homework is for this week, I must say a massive well done for all the hard work that you have put in this week to make science week such a huge success!


As with previous weeks we will continue with our work using the talk for write principles:

Sentences for this week:

Can you improve these sentences?

we planted some seeds

the girl walked her dog

Can you improve the start of these sentences?

we went to the beach

boy fell over

Can you improve this sentence?

Eye luv eATinG cheps!

Submitting work: Please could you take images of your child’s writing/record videos of your child saying the sentence and upload onto Seesaw?

Reading Challenge

Over the past couple of weeks I have really enjoyed watching children read at home. I would be super pleased to see more examples of you all reading at home uploaded onto Seesaw.


For your maths homework for this week, I would really like you to have a go at this really cool game! You will need an adult to set it up for you.

Notes for adults; select no higher than up to 20 on the range and choose a starting point that your child feels comfortable with. If it’s too easy come out of the game and add more challenge, if too hard come out of the game and remove challenge.

To access the game copy the link above and paste into a new web browser.

Have a great weekend, Mr Mallison

Homework Friday 18th March

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