Good Afternoon Class 1,

Congratulations on another fantastic week in year 1, I can’t believe that we only have one week left of the Spring term!


In your book bag you have a login for Times Tables Rock stars. Over the next week I would like you to login in and have a go at practicing your times tables. Remember children, the questions that you receive are generated by the website based upon the answers you provide and the speed of your correct answers.

Note for parents:

I have introduced the children to times table rock stars today, we have completed the initial assessment. At this initial stage I would advise that they only access garage mode. Within garage mode the website will generate suitable questions for the children to answers based upon their responses, for example the more confident they become the harder the questions will become. To begin with, the majority of the class will receive questions based around 1×10 through to 4 x10. We have spent time in school discussing multiplication, although we are in the infancy of this.


Can you improve these sentences?

the cat was on the fence

i saw a aple in the three

Can you improve the start of these sentences?

I went to the seaside.

Cardfiff in the capital of Wales

Scafell Pike is the tallest mountain in England.

Can you improve this sentence?

on Saturdai I plaid golph

Submitting work: Please could you take images of your child’s writing/record videos of your child saying the sentence and upload onto Seesaw?

Have a great weekend, Mr Mallison

Homework – 1st April

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