Good Afternoon Class 1,

Once again; thank you all for a wonderful week this week!

In English this week the children’s work has continued to be influenced by; The Way Back Home. We have used our senses to describe and explored how to join sentences with a conjunction. Next week, we will seek to apply our work on joining sentences using ‘and’. In maths we have continued our Place Value unit; exploring; representing objects, recognising numbers as words and counting on from a given number. In History we have introduced the Titanic and learnt briefly about the historical importance the vessel had. In science we have carried on with our investigations in to autumn (the impact of temperature change and change in sunlight hours). In PE we have danced to rain and managed to work in unison and to the beat.



In school this week the children having been practising spelling using the ‘ay’ and ‘oy’ special friends. To support this learning, I have set up a game on PurpleMash for the children to play at home.

Original message: Maths/English – Unfortunately I am having a few problems login onto Seesaw, in the manner in that I cannot see the children’s accounts. Therefore, I will endeavour to fix the problem later this evening. If I am unable to resolve the problem I will update you all on Monday. Sorry!

Updated: The maths and English homework can now be found on Seesaw, thank you for your patience.

RWI Oxford Owl login

In your child’s book bag I have included a copy of their login details for the online version of the book they are reading in school, to aid further reading at home. You will also find quizzes and games for the children to play too. If you have any problems accessing the resource do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Round Up and Homework 23.9.22 ***Edited at 19:15 on 23.9.22***

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