Good Afternoon Class 1,

Thank you all for a wonderful week this week!

In English this week the children have been using Oliver Jeffer’s animation; The Way Back Home to influence their work. We have been identifying adjectives to describe what the alien looks like; followed by writing expanded noun phrases. Next week, we will seek to use our senses to describe the alien; followed by using the conjunction ‘and’ to join two clauses. In maths we have commenced the place value unit and have explored sorting objects, counting objects and counting objects from a larger group. Next week, we will be representing objects, recognising numbers as words, counting on from a given number and 1 more than. In relation to foundation subjects we have explored historical language in history, investigated key features of the four seasons in Science, in PE we have partaken in games and dance, finally in IT we have practised login in to the computers.


Homework this week will entail an IT related activity (well an activity that will support us in our IT lessons at school), Maths and English.


To log onto the computer system at school the children need to be able to type into the computer their surname. Therefore, it would be beneficial for the children to practise writing their surname at home, so that they are 100% sure as to how to spell their surname.


In school this week the children having been practising spelling using the ‘ai’ special friend. To support this learning, I have set up a game on PurpleMash for the children to play at home.


In English this week we have had a really big push on including finger spaces between on words when writing a sentence; therefore to aid this I have placed an activity onto Seesaw for the children to have a go at. The children may need support in reading the document and it would be beneficial to discuss where the spaces need to go on the first two questions. The sentences writing activity can be completed on paper and than a photograph uploaded to Seesaw.


For maths I have uploaded a counting objects activity onto Seesaw.

Due date:

All homework is due for submission on Purple Mash or Seesaw by Thursday 22nd September.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Mallison.

Weekly Round Up and Homework 16.9.22

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