Good Evening Class 1,

Wow! What an end to the week! A trip to Magna Science Adventure Centre. I cannot say how proud I am of the children of Brandesburton Primary School, the children had an amazing day and represented the school superbly. As I am blogging from home this evening; I do not have the list of children who can and cannot appear online; therefore I will check in school tomorrow and then gets some photos up of the kids enjoying themselves!

Attendance Award

Last week Class 1 reigned supreme in the attendance league table at school! Another first place; therefore the children have received a 15 minute treat. As it stands for this week we have 100% attendance for this week; therefore we are certainly in the running to top the leader board again, fingers crossed we will achieve the 100% tomorrow and the children will get another afternoon off time table for a treat. Although it is fantastic that the children receive a treat, it must be noted that the main element is that the children are in school and accessing the curriculum.

Maths and English

In Maths this week the children have finished the second place value unit; investigating number lines, comparing numbers and ordering numbers. In English the children have written setting descriptions, although we found this difficult we persevered and got their in the end. Tomorrow we will be planning a pirate inspired adventure story and will seek to write it up next week.

RWI Home learning:

Practice your  story green words and red words from your home reading book on a piece of paper at home. These can be found on the How to help your child read this book page.

Challenge: Can you use the words in sentences?


In maths we have struggle this week to match numerals to words therefore I have set you a game on PurpleMash to have a go at, which will allow you to practice this skill. Additionally, I have set you an ordering numbers activity to allow you to practice the skills learnt in school.


I would really like some feedback from the children about our trip to Magna; therefore I challenge you all to pick the best three parts of the trip to Magna and write me 3 sentences to tell me all about it.

Have a great weekend!

Mr M


Weekly Round Up 27/1/2023

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