Good Evening Class 1!

I hope I find you all well this evening?

What a lovely first week back at school! The children have all been absolute superstars. They have really enjoyed our Geography lessons this week, they particularly enjoyed re-capping the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans, the song that we use went down a storm. In PE the children have enjoyed taking part in Netball sessions for both PE slots this week due to the weather not being on our side to go outside for orienteering, but we will have double orienteering at some point this half-term to catch up. In our IT lesson we explored how to de-bug a program followed by creating algorithms with out bugs. Finally in Jigsaw we have learning about how we can be healthy.

In maths this week we have continued with our Addition and Subtraction unit, which we are very close to finishing. The children have really benefitted from using manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction problems to 20. We have also been working on our mental maths skills. From
Tuesday onwards we will commence our new unit which is all about Place Value within 50.


In English we have continued with our NCR unit. The children have spent time researching facts about seaside holidays and developing suitable headings for each section of their reports. Furthermore, the children have worked really hard to created sentences to show what they know about seaside holidays. Finally, they have spent today’s lesson grouping sentences together in an extended piece of writing about how we can travel on holidays and where we can stay.

RWI Home learning:

Practice your  story green words and red words from your home reading book on a piece of paper at home. These can be found on the How to help your child read this book page.

Challenge: Can you use the words in sentences?


The children struggled a little bit today with their knowledge of number bonds to 20. Therefore I would like them to practice their number bonds using the Hit the Button online game platform:


TO cement our knowledge of number bonds to 20. I would really like the children to spend some time on Hit the button again. If they want an extra challenge they could have a go at the doubles activity.


  1. Select the number bonds button.
  2. Choose make 20.

If you are struggling with number bonds to 20, please have ago at number bonds to 10. The knowledge that you gather from number bonds to 10 will help with your number bonds to 20 (remember what I showed you in class with the red and blue pens on the board).

Have a great weekend!

Mr Mallison

Weekly Round up 23rd February

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