Food Technology

Anyone for a fruit kebab?

Our pupils did a fantastic job of applying the skills they had been taught during their food technology lessons to show our visitors from George Pindar School how to make a fruit kebab.

They made sure everbody washed their hands and that their work station had all the equipment they needed. They showed different techniques for cutting their fruit safely and our visitors were particularly impressed with their way of halving strawberries!

Eco-brick project

Working together to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Staff and pupils from George Pindar School came for a visit to deliver our Eco-brick furniture.

The children enjoyed finding out more about Eco-bricks: where they are used, why they are made and the impact recycling can have on the environment.

It was great for our school children to hear how their Eco-bricks had been made into the different pieces of furniture and to meet the pupils who had helped in this process. 

We look forward to using the stools, tables and benches in our outdoor area and I’m sure they will be very popular!

Journey – Aaron Becker

We had a fantastic time last week looking at the picture book Journey. We thought about how the characters were feeling, discussed how the colour of the pictures made us feel and imagined what new worlds we would like to explore.

However my favourite day was Friday when we did a bit of acting. We used our ideas to act out the places the girl could visit (Diggerland, Africa, Disneyland and CBeebies Land) and played musical instruments to create a more dramatic effect. We even sang part of a song from ‘The Greatest Showman’ to start us off.

Through the dark, through the door

Through where no one’s been before


We have been learning how to write a program to make characters move on screen. For our first try at coding we have done really well.

Why not have a go at some of the other activities on 2Code on Purple Mash. Good luck.