Thursday 4th June

Super work again yesterday Class 1. I absolutely loved your Animalphabet stories! You did a great job with them, I was very impressed. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sentence games today.

Explore these sentence games online. Have a go at the different games to write sentence, correct mistakes in sentences and improving sentences to make them more exciting!

If you are having trouble with this site because of flash player then you could try these ones instead!


We are really lucky this week to have a Dance Stars video from Clare who does our dance in School!

Next week’s Home Learning

As I explained earlier in the week, as of Monday the Class blog posts will be changing. We will be moving to a whole school home learning blog. This will be called ‘Home Learning’ and be found in the same place as the Class 1 blog.

There will be a range of activities set each day by different members of staff based around one theme. Some activities will be differentiated across Key Stages, others will be differentiated by outcome. Feel free to adapt and change if you need to.

Please keep emailing me any work you do and we will celebrate this on the Class blog every Friday so you can see what everyone else has been doing.

Wednesday 3rd June


Today watch the video below. Alternatively, follow the link:   Click on week 6, go to lesson 2 and look for Already covered this content? Click here and you will be taken to an alternative plan. Click on the vimeo link for Recognise and name 2-D shapes and this will take you to the video shown here.

Reasoning and Problem Solving


A bit more science today! This weeks Great Science Share theme is UN World Environment Day. First of all find out about your environment. You can make the Question Frame and use it to observe what is in your environment. What can you see? What is different outdoors and indoors? What material are things made from? Can they be recycled? Are they natural or man made?

Have a go at thinking of your own questions that you would like to find out more. Maybe you could make the question teller to help you think of more questions.

Follow the link to The Great Science Share to find out more information about the weeks theme.

Wednesday 3rd June

Super animal alphabets yesterday Class 1! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Todayโ€™s task….

Listen to the story Animalphabet by Julia Donaldson.

Can you link all your alphabetical animals you did yesterday together using phrases such as…

who is… than a ….

E.g. Who is prettier than an ant? A butterfly

You could have a go at reading your stories to someone in your family or video your story and send it to me!

Tuesday 2nd June


Today watch the video below. Alternatively, follow the link:   Click on week 6, go to lesson 1 and look for Already covered this content? Click here and you will be taken to an alternative plan. Click on the vimeo link for Sort 3D shapes and this will take you to the video shown here.

For extra practice go to BBC Bitesize:

Or have a look on purple mash for some games.

Reasoning and Problem Solving

Tuesday 2nd June

Well done on the alphabetical ordering yesterday! Some great work.


Today’s challenge is to see if you can think of an animal that begins with every letter in the alphabet!

You can use one of these sheets for recording or just write them out.

Art activity

Alphabet Art

Have a look at these letters and how they โ€˜lookโ€™ like something that begins with that letter. Can you write out your name or the name of a family member using these arty letters. You could even try and create some new ones of your own if you wanted!

Make a sign for your door maybe or a poster for your wall.

Welcome back!

I hope you have had a lovely half term and taken full advantage of the weather. I will continue to post White Rose videos and activities this week along with some other activities which will help you practise the skills you have learnt. Feel free to choose the most suitable for you. Please remember there is no expectation that you complete everything.

Please make sure you read Mrs Gardener’s message about the blog next week.


This week I would have continued with week 5 of the White Rose Home Learning lessons. However, they cover measures, which we have already completed. There are alternative lessons which I will link to and these cover shape. Please feel free to continue with the week 5 activities if you feel these are suitable for your child and you want them to recap measures.

Today watch the video below. Alternatively, follow the link:ย ย  Click on week 5 and go to lesson 4 and look for Already covered this content? Click here and you will be taken to an alternative plan. At the bottom there is a vimeo link which will take you to the video shown here.

Reasoning and problem solving

Using 3D Shapes

Build your house out of junk. Which shapes do you need to use? You could build your street or the houses of family members. Are they different to yours? How will you use the shapes to build theirs?


This half term you have thought a lot about plants and mini beasts that live in your garden. Today I would like you to use your knowledge and create a miniature garden. You could make it for a mini beast – what would they like in the garden? Think about where they live and their habitat. Do they like it dark or sunny, warm or cool, dry or damp? Or you may just design and create a garden you would like. Here are some ideas:

Don’t forget to send a picture when you have made it!

Monday 1st June!

Welcome back Class 1. We hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed lots of sunshine!

We should be starting our last term of Class 1 and I am sad we are not in school to do so. Over the next few weeks, more children will be returning to school as will I along with most of the other teachers. Because of this, it would be tricky to keep each class blog going so this is the last week it will work like this and we will be moving to more of a whole school approach next week.

I will post more details about this as the week progresses.

Alphabetical Order

This week we are looking at alphabetical ordering.

Today I want you to find a selection of objects around the house and then put them in alphabetical order.

Think about what letter each item starts with then order them as to where that letter is in the alphabet. The word which has the first letter that appears earlier in the alphabet will come first.

I had a go too…

If you need to recap the alphabet, use this song to help.

Friday 22nd May

You still managed to lots of great work in the sunshine yesterday!


Canโ€™t quite believe it is Friday again!

In the story The Teeny Weeny Tadpole, all the tadpole wanted to do was jump and leap like his Mum, the lamb, the rabbit and the grasshopper.

Have a think about what it is that you want to be able to do or get better at when you get older. Don’t forget to tell me why you want to be able to do it too!

I wish I could……

I would love to be able to…..

I am going try hard to ………

You can present this in whatever way you like, write about it and draw a picture, video yourself telling me, make a model, anything you like!

Frog game

This game is a bit of a family tradition for me. You need to make 2 cardboard frogs like this ( fairly stiff card!) Put a hole in the middle and thread some string through. Tie one end to a chair or table leg and hole the other end of the string. Your frog needs to be ‘standing up’ on it’s back legs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 97070020_1185978131737459_561841589865938944_n.jpg

My mum sent me these measurements as a guide!

32cm x 21cm

Body is 15 cm wide.

Head to tail 22.5 Cm.

Hole is 9 Cm from top of head and 6.5 Cm in from armpit!

The aim of the game is to pull and move the string to be the first one to get their frog to the other end (to the chair or table leg!)

Have fun and send me some pictures!