Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning Class 1. We had a really productive day yesterday. The children in school did lots of work and then got busy helping to get our classroom set up for when we all return. We even set Mr Todd a challenge of making some new things for our role play area.

Tomorrow in Design Technology we will be looking at how vehicles move, so it would be useful if today you could find some objects that you could use for wheels and axles. Straws, sticks, K-Nex rods, Lego wheels, cardboard wheels, bottle tops etc.

See the source image

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science


This snakes and ladders game has so many sounds on it that we should now know!

Practice reading these sounds by playing the game. If you can’t print you could pick a number between 1 and 78 or roll 2 dice to give you a 2 digit number then read the sound on that square then say a word that has that sound!


Yesterday you worked so hard to find lots of things that were the same and lots of things that were different for Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart.

Today you are going to read a letter from Amelia to Amy.

Your task today is to write a letter back to Amy. Can you answer some of the questions she has asked? Can you send her a positive message to wish her luck on her journey? You can write your letter onto paper or in your homework book but there are also two templates below.

The next installment from Mrs Platten:


Today we are going to be looking at problems which involve subtracting lengths, so before you start I would like you to play a quick subtraction game.

Roll a dice. The number you roll is the answer. Can you find a calculation on the grid with that answer?

Roll a 5. You could find 6 – 1 as it equals 5.

You could cross off the calculations and see if you can get 3 in a row.


We have a fun activity today to help think about why some materials are great for making some objects and not others.

Would a teapot made of chocolate be any good for example? I think it would melt into a soggy gooey mess don’t you?

How about a hat made of glass? Most of you would probably say that it’s not a good idea as it could break easily and hurt you, but some people might that think it’s a good idea as they know that glass is a waterproof material and they won’t get wet if it rains!

For your activity today you are going to use two spinners. One will choose a material and one will choose an object. You can then decide if the material is a good match for the object. You can just discuss this with your family or your classmates in school if you wish but you could write your ideas down or make a video or audio clip to share your ideas.

You will need the spinner templates, a pencil and a paper clip if you have one. If you don’t want to print the spinner template, you can use the one online by laying your tablet or i-pad flat. If you don’t have a paper clip you can always cut up the materials and put them in one bag and cut up the objects and put them in another, then select one from each bag to make your choices.

Think about these questions whilst you are doing the activity.

  1. What are these objects used for?
  2. Are these two things a good match?
  3. What would happen if we made that object from that material?
  4. Are there any other materials that we could use instead?

Finally, have a look at these unusual uses of materials. Discuss them with whoever you are with. Do you like the ways that these materials have been used?

Mr Platten has turned his old work boots into nesting boxes for birds. Have you got any unusual uses of materials in your home?

Monday 1st March

Well done Class 1. We have made it to March and fingers crossed our last week of home learning. We are so excited to see you in school next week – Mrs Plant is really excited to meet the whole class in person!!! Keep up the good work over the last few days and enjoy the first days of Spring.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Theme


We are going to practice our Phase 5 sounds this week.

Fill in the missing sounds to complete the words or write each word out with the correct sound.


We are going to spend the next three days finding out about our final aviation pioneer. Her name is Amelia Earhart and she is another female aviator just like Amy Johnson. Amelia is American though not English. Watch this presentation to find out a bit more about Amelia.

I am sure that you will recognise lots of similarities (things that are the same) between Amelia and Amy but there are also lots of differences too. Your task today is to compare the lives of Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson and investigate what similarities and differences there are. You can record your ideas in a table like this if you want to, and use the template on Seesaw, or you can decide to organise your work in a different way. You might need to look back at the work you did on Amy Johnson last week to help you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

We will celebrating World Book Day and our love of reading later this week so Mrs Platten is going to read you some chapters from this book about Amelia’s life over the next few days. We call this sort of non-fiction book a biography.


Today we are going to be solving some problems involving adding lengths. Some of the problems involve repeated addition of 2s and 5s, so before we start have a practise at counting in 2s and 5s. Use the 100 squares below to help you out.


Today we would like you to find out more about the United Kingdom and create a fact file. You could think about the following questions to help you.

What countries make up the United Kingdom?

What are their capital cities?

What currency (money) do the countries use?

What is the main language used?

What do the flags of each country look like?

We have added a template to your 2Dos on Purple Mash or you could create your own fact file.

The Union Flag, also known as the Union Jack, is the national flag of the United Kingdom. It is the British flag. It is called the Union Flag because it stands for the union of the countries of the United Kingdom under one King or Queen. We will find out more about this flag when we return to school.

Today as an added challenge we would like you to create your own Union Flag. You can just draw and colour it or get a bit more creative. It is entirely up to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

We have also added a template to your 2Dos on Purple Mash to create a flag online.

Friday 26th February

What a super week you have all had! Well done for keeping up all the hard work and such a great effort by you all. 👏🏻

Today’s Tasks

  • Reading
  • Story Challenge
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • RE
  • End of the day Story


Practice your u words by reading this book on epic!

Story Challenge

I have some new story cubes.

I am going to roll each one and you are going to write me a short story that includes all the different things the dice say!


Here is an amazing body fact for you to do with measuring. Did you know ..?

The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.

See the source image

Today we would like you to use all your measuring skills to investigate if any other body parts are the same length. Below are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Are your middle fingers the same length?

Are your ears the same size as any of your fingers?

You could even compare the length of body parts of your whole family.

Who has the largest hands?

Who has the smallest ears?

Have fun and as always on a Friday, if you would prefer to play a board game to practise your Maths skills, that is fine by us too.


The children in school really enjoyed our lessons based around ‘Tiddalik the Frog’, so for our final 2 music lessons of remote learning we thought we would look at learning another song based on the story ‘Anansi and the moss-covered rock’.

If you would like to read part 1 of the story before we begin please click on the link below and scroll down to the image.


Today’s song is all about Anansi’s jokey character. The music activity focuses on identifying ascending and descending (low to high/high to low) notes within the song. Click on the image to join Andi and Rebecca to learn the song.

Image result for Anansi the spider bbc


Lent. Watch this to help learn about Lent.

Now have a think about what you might give up if you wanted to. You could pick one of these activities below to complete.

End of the day Story

Thursday 25th February

Good morning everyone. We really enjoyed seeing all your Design Technology work yesterday. We can’t wait to see what vehicles you design and make when we return to school.

Today’s Task

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Computing
  • End of day story


practice your u sounds with some of these games!



Yesterday you looked at part of Amy’s journey and recorded important flight details for some of the places she flew over or landed in. As well as making a flight log, Amy would have wanted to let her family know that she was ok. How could she have done that? There were no mobile phones or computers in the 1930’s so she couldn’t send texts or emails. There weren’t even any landline phones available in the places she landed that would allow her to ring up her family and friends back in England. The only way she could communicate was to write a letter. Perhaps she wrote a letter like this one.

Sometimes when people visited a place they sent a postcard instead of a letter. Postcards are still sent today, usually when people go away on holiday as the front of the postcard will have photographs on of the place they are visiting/ Have you ever sent or received a postcard? Postcards don’t contain as much detail as a letter as there is not as much space for writing as the address has to be written on the postcard too. Your task today is to design a postcard that Amy might have sent when she was in Rangoon. Use the information in the letter to help you. You can design a picture to go on the front of the postcard too. There are templates for you to use or you can just draw two rectangles onto paper. You might want to do a little more research on some of the places in Amy’s letter using the internet (always check with an adult before using the internet and never give any personal information away). I have also added a little video clip below to help you think about Rangoon was like in the 1930’s. The film is in black and white as there was no colour film back then!


Today we are going to be looking at measuring length with a ruler. This can be tricky as not all rulers look the same. Before you start the video have a look at the ruler that was sent home in your Maths pack. When you measure with this ruler you need to measure right from the end, but for other rulers you will need to measure from 0. Both rulers measure in centimetres (cm).

Watch the video then complete the worksheet.

Practise measuring objects around your house using your ruler. Don’t forget to give your answer in centimetres (cm).

Physical Education

As we have been looking at air travel I thought it would be fun to do a PE session to do with air. Join Andy from CBeebies as he meets creatures that spend most of their lives up in the air.


We would like you to go on Purple Mash and have a go at the 2DOs set.

Your first 2Do is to create an animation using 2 create a story. Use the instructions below to help you out. You could draw an aeroplane and see if you can get it to fly.

Your next 2DO is to design your own vehicle. Think about the shape, different parts and the colours you will use.

End of the day Story

Wednesday 24th February

It seems like you have done so much work already this week. We love looking at everything you send in, however we can’t wait until you are all back in school. Not long now!!

We thought we would share some of your amazing Science investigating from yesterday. Thank you for the videos. There were some super explanations of what you found out.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Design Technology
  • Well-being Wednesday
  • End of day story


Have a go at this activity to practice your u sounds!

Don’t worry if you can’t print just write the words down in your books or on some paper.


Look at Amy’s flight map, and copy of her flight log.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Amy_Johnson_London_to_Darwin_map-1.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is flight-log.png

Choose one of the countries she stopped in along the way.

You might want to do some research about that country.

I want you to complete a detailed flight log for one of the destinations on Amy’s journey.

Record what you find in a table like this…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is log-1024x745.png


Well done yesterday. We enjoyed looking at the ways you chose to make yourself taller.

Today we are going to look at measuring using non-standard units such as cubes, paper clips, hands etc.

Please watch the video below then have a go at the worksheet.

It is really important that children learn to measure by lining up the object with the start of the measuring device, so please spend lots of time practically reinforcing this skill. It will really help when they start to measure lengths with a ruler.


Make your own measuring device and then get measuring. Can you find objects of a certain length? Can you find an object smaller/bigger than a certain length? Below is an idea to get you started.

See the source image

Design Technology

As part of our theme work last term we looked at the history of flight. During this work you had the opportunity to make lots of different types of air travel. For our Technology this term, we will investigate a variety of different vehicles before designing, making and evaluating our own vehicles.

Today we are going to investigate a variety of vehicles and look at what they are used for and what features they have. But first I would like you to think about …

A vehicle is something with wheels that transports people or objects, such as a car, truck or cart. How many different types of vehicles can you think of? Write them down and see how many you can get!

Next have a look at the images below. What do you think these vehicles are used for? What can you see on the vehicles? Do they have any things that are the same?

Task – Chose one of your favourite vehicles. Can you label it to show the different parts? You can use a photograph, picture or draw your own. Here is one to help with ideas.

Matching Game – Can you match the vehicle pictures to the descriptions?

Well being Wednesday

This is the Amy Johnson Cup for Courage.

What do you think the word ‘courage’ means?

Courage involves making good choices in the face of fear or obstacles. It’s another term for bravery. Remember: Bravery doesn’t mean fearlessness. It means we do not let fear hold us back from exploring new opportunities, developing our skills, and doing what is right.

The 2013 winner of the cup was an 11 year old girl who saved her grandmother from a fire.

Why was that a brave thing to do?

Do you think Amy was courageous too?

What is the most courageous or brave thing you have done?

Watch this video and it might help give you some ideas!

End of the day Story

Tuesday 23rd February

Well done Class 1 for a super start to a new half term. We have had lots of great work already.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • End of day story


Now you are going to write 4 sentences, one with an oo word, one with an ew word, one with an ue word and the last one with an u-e word!

Remember this is a chance to practice your handwriting too!

Here is an extra video to watch as I know you like the alphablocks!


Why was Amy Johnson special?

What did she do?

Was what she did easy?

What sort of person do you think Amy was? What evidence have you got to show this?

She made news headlines when she did this as it was a great achievement!

If this was done a few years later she probably would have made it into the Guinness Book of Records!

Choice of tasks –

  1. Write a news report to share the news of Amy’s achievement
  2. Record a TV news report to share the news of Amy’s achievements. Maybe you could even interview her!
  3. Create a page for Amy Johnson for the Guinness Book of World Records

Below are some resources which may help you.

A page from the Guinness Book of World Records


Some fantastic measuring yesterday Class 1.

Today I would like you to use the words below to help describe the height of objects in your home.

Next have a look at the image below. Are the animals the same height? Can you explain your ideas?

What ways can you think of to make yourself taller?

If you would like further practise at comparing lengths and heights, watch the video below before completing the worksheet.

Click on the link below to play an online measuring game. Please select the animal option.



Mrs Platten has kindly planned our Science for the next few weeks until we return to school. To start with we would like you to watch this video song clip (join in with it if you would like). It’s quite fun and really useful to recap all the science learning we did on materials before half-term.

Ok, now you are ready for today’s science activity. We think you’d agree that you wouldn’t wear paper clothes in the rain but we are going to use paper today in our investigation into strong shapes, so you’ll be be using your maths knowledge too! You will need 3 sheets of A4 paper but don’t worry if you don’t have exactly that as you could try newspaper, wrapping paper or even thin card instead. Watch this short video clip to find out more.

Construct your tower shapes and test out how many books or other flat objects you can place on top before each of your towers collapse. Use the same objects each time as this makes it a fair test. Do you know the mathematical names for the 3D towers you have made? You can record your findings in whichever way you wish. Perhaps you could make a short video or audio commentary? Don’t forget to upload some photos to Seesaw too so we can look at your investigation. If you want to challenge yourself can you find out or remind yourself what a 2D pentagon, hexagon or octagon shape looks like and create that shape for the base of your tower?

If you have enjoyed that task and would like to do a further paper activity, you can make paper spinners. These use some of the principles that the early aviators had to use for gliders before they developed the technology and engineering to make the aeroplanes with engines that Amy Johnson flew.

End of the day Story

Another Julia Donaldson story today, Room on the Broom!

Monday 22nd February

Welcome back!

We hope you had a lovely half term break!

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • Theme
  • End of the day Story


This week we are going to look at the oo sound which can be spelt, ew, ue, and u-e and u.

Just like we normally do, firstly we are going to draw a table with 5 columns!


Who was Amy Johnson?

Watch the videos below to help you learn about Amy.

You can also do your own research if you want too!


Create a fact file for Amy Johnson.

This can be a poster, a video fact file or a written fact file.

Here are some examples you could use:

Extra challenge –

Try this quiz to see how much you have remembered about Amy Johnson.


This week we are going to be looking at length and height. Today we are going to have a recap on comparing lengths. For this lesson you will need to have a spoon ready.

Watch the short video to help you recap how we can compare lengths and the language that we use when making comparisons, then have a go at the challenges underneath.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

When making comparing lengths try an use comparison statements like the ones below.

‘The teddy bear is shorter than the longest snake.’

‘The plate is twice as long as a tens rod.’

Don’t forget to make predictions when you are comparing lengths.

‘I think that the book will be longer than the snake.’


See the source image

This half term we are going to be learning more about the United Kingdom, but to start we would like to find out more about the places you have visited. You may have travelled abroad to different countries, to places in the United Kingdom or to places near to where you live.

Our school is in Brandesburton, which is in the country England. Using the maps below talk with a family member about the location of Brandesburton and the places you have visited. Think about:

  • how you got there
  • how far away it is
  • what places are nearby
  • what country it is in
  • what landmarks you saw
  • what activities you did
See the source image
See the source image

Click on the link to take you to an interactive world map that lets you look at different countries in greater detail.


After you have explored the maps we would like you to write and draw about one or more of the places you have visited.

It would be fantastic if you could send in any photographs of places you have visited within the United Kingdom or share any postcards/leaflets to support our classroom displays and future lessons.

End of the day Story

Here is an old favourite of mine for our story today!

Friday 12th February

Wow Class 1. We can’t believe that we have come to the end of a whole half term already. The work you have done has been amazing. We are so proud of each and every one of you. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone at home who is helping to keep you motivated. We really do appreciate all the hard work that everyone is putting in.

We hope that you have a lovely holiday. Stay safe, relax and enjoy the week ahead.

Today’s Tasks

  • Reading
  • English
  • Maths
  • R.E.
  • End of day story
  • Celebration Photographs


Well done Class 1! You have earned a new Readerpillar badge from epic!

Practice your long o sound by reading this book on epic!


You have a choice of tasks today:

  • Perform your poem
  • Write the next part of the story of the Smeds and the Smoos. What happened next to Bill, Janet, their baby and all the other Smeds and Smoos?


In school today we are going to be joining in with Class 2 making rockets.

When you make something you use lots of your Maths skills such as:

  • following instructions
  • measuring lengths
  • copying/drawing shapes
  • estimating size/scale

Why not have a go at making something today. It could be from construction equipment like Lego, objects around your house or a bit of recycling. It can be linked to the work we have done this half term or you can choose something that you just enjoy building. We will leave it up to you to decide. Most of all just have fun!

See the source image

If you think you need the practise, you could build your numbers to help you remember which way around they go.


Today is the start of Chinese New Year!

This year will be the year of the Ox. Watch the clip to see how and why the years were named after animals. 

Choose one of the following tasks to complete:

  • Draw a picture of an ox
  • Find out which animal represents the year you were born and draw it.  (The animals are all very brightly coloured.) 
  • Make something that represents Chinese New Year, below are some ideas

End of the day Story

Spectacular Space part 5

Celebration Photographs

Thursday 11th February

Good morning Class 1. We hope you have managed to enjoy some more time in the snow before it disappears. We borrowed the wheelbarrows from Foundation Stage yesterday and had lots of fun transporting the snow around at playtime.

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • P.E.
  • Computing
  • End of the day Story


I know you like these games so use them to practice your long o sounds!!



Write a short poem to describe your alien and where it lives…

Use some of the bits from Tuesday’s work and your planet description yesterday.

Can you make it rhyme?

Here is my poem!

I am a Floop from Planet Flip,

I have 3 eyes and I like to skip.

Planet Flip is blue and slimy,

It has big lakes that are silver and shiny.

I have red fur and hands like scoops,

All the Floops like to eat green soup.

We like to play and like to sing,

We dance around the big Floop King.

All the Flip’s are very friendly,

We give good hugs because our bodies are bendy.

We hope you come and visit us soon,

On Planet Floop, just to the left of the moon.


We hope you enjoyed the problem solving yesterday. Today we are keeping the Space theme and looking at rockets.

We would like you to choose 3 of your favourite colours and see how many different ways you can colour the rocket.

Predict how many ways you think you can do it before you start.

Below is a document with lots of rockets ready for you to colour.

How many ways do you think you could do it if you only had 2 colours?

What if you had 4 colours? Do you think there would be more ways?

The rocket is made of different shapes. Why not have a try at making your own shape rocket or even a shape alien.

See the source image
See the source image

Can you name all the shapes you have used?


Exercise is activity that requires physical effort. Have a think about all the fun you have had in the snow over the last few days. I bet you have done lots of exercise.

Did you throw snowballs?

Did you pull someone along in a sledge?

Did you shovel snow to make a snowman?

Well if there is enough snow, then keep up the good work!

However if you need a bit of rest after all this exercise, then why not share the ‘Mr. Men Winter Sports’ book.

After listening to the story I want you to think about what snowy event you could suggest for Little Miss Somersault’s competition.

You can either draw and write about your ideas, or if it safe enough, you could get outside and have a go.

Here’s an idea to get you started.

Snowball archery – create a target and then see if you can aim your snowball at the centre.

See the source image


Practice your coding skills by playing this game on this website.

Can you put the correct code together so the astronaut can get the tools they need?


End of the day story

Spectacular Space part 4

Wednesday 10th February

We thought we’d start the day by looking at some of your snow day photographs. Even though you were having lots of fun, you still managed to fit in some work as well. How amazing are all of you!

Just in case you wanted to know, the Plant snow creation was a snow seal – I bet you didn’t guess!!!

Today’s Tasks

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • Art
  • Wellbeing Wednesday


Can you pick the correct word to finish the sentences?

Either print the sheet and fill in the missing words or you can just write the numbers 1-8 and write the correct word next to each number.

If you want to challenge yourself more, write out the full sentences with the correct word.


The Smeds and Smoos visited lots of planets in their search for Janet and Bill.

Task 1: Complete this table to show what you can find out about each planet from the illustrations and the text. You can download this one or just draw your own.

Task 2: Create your own planet for your aliens to live on. Draw a picture and describe it. What is it called?

Can you write a sentence to describe it that rhymes?

Planet Flip is blue and slimy, It has big lakes that are silver and shiny.


For the start of our Maths lesson, we would like you to have a go at building your own Snowman.

If you want to make it more of a challenge use 2 dice and add the amounts.

You would need to change the feature numbers to ones between 2 and 12.

As we have come to the end of our addition and subtraction work, we are going to set you some problem solving tasks for the next few days.

To link to all your English space work, we thought we would start with an alien problem.

The document below has images of the aliens if you want to cut them out to help you.


Today we are going to combine our learning of space with our artist Christopher Corr.

I want you to loook at the space images below and you are going to recreate one of these or create your own new one in the style of Christopher Corr.

Think about…

  • the use of bright colours
  • which colours stand out next to each other
  • the simplistic style in which he paints and draws

This painting of Cosmic Man and Planets by Christopher Corr might help give you some ideas!

If you want to put a rocket in you picture, then this video tutorial may help!

Well-being Wednesday

Today we are going to think about what we are grateful and thankful for.

I want you to draw a jar like this and write things inside it that you are grateful or thankful for, or find a jar and write the things you are thankful and grateful for and put them inside it. You could even decorate your jar and make a nice label for it.

Extra activity- Tongue Twisters!

Have some fun with your family and have a go at saying these tongue twisters!

Do you know any more tongue twisters?

Maybe you can make your own!

End of the day Story

Spectacular Space part 3