Hello! I do hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine – I definitely did! I have been busy in my garden planting lots of seeds and I know some of you have too. If not, I hope you will be able to get some seeds and have a go at planting for our science work.

I will be posting a maths activity each day, which will be using the White Rose maths resources. These will include videos to watch and activities to do. I will also be posting a science activity each week and other activities over the coming weeks including ICT and Geography.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing and send pictures using the Class 1 email. I am also available to answer questions and help with anything I can. I will be checking the email daily so hopefully will get back to you quickly.


This week we will begin by looking at: Comparing, describing and solving practical problems for mass/weight: [for example, heavy/light, heavier than, lighter than]; capacity and volume [for example, full/empty, more than, less than, half, half full,quarter]

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/ Follow the link and watch the video for lesson 1: introduce weight and mass, then have a go at the activities. Can you find objects around the house and garden and compare them? Which is heavier and which is lighter?


In science over the next few weeks we will be observing how plants grow. I would like you to plant at least 3 seeds; beans or sunflowers are good. Over the next few weeks I would like you to observe what happens and keep a diary of what you see. Once the plants begin to grow, can you use your measuring skills to see how tall it is and record this in your diary? Draw a picture or take a photograph of what you see and label it. Describe what is happening. I have planted some beans – check your email to see my bean diary so far!

Use your 3 seeds to investigate what they need to grow: Plant one seed, place in the light and water regularly. Plant one seed and place in the light but do not water. Plant the last seed, place in the dark and water regularly. Can you predict what will happen? What do you observe? What is the same? What is different? What have you learnt that plants need?

Be patient, it will take a few days for your plants to begin to grow.

Don’t forget to check Purple mash for activities and have fun!

Mrs Atkinson

Monday 20th April

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