You still managed to lots of great work in the sunshine yesterday!


Can’t quite believe it is Friday again!

In the story The Teeny Weeny Tadpole, all the tadpole wanted to do was jump and leap like his Mum, the lamb, the rabbit and the grasshopper.

Have a think about what it is that you want to be able to do or get better at when you get older. Don’t forget to tell me why you want to be able to do it too!

I wish I could……

I would love to be able to…..

I am going try hard to ………

You can present this in whatever way you like, write about it and draw a picture, video yourself telling me, make a model, anything you like!

Frog game

This game is a bit of a family tradition for me. You need to make 2 cardboard frogs like this ( fairly stiff card!) Put a hole in the middle and thread some string through. Tie one end to a chair or table leg and hole the other end of the string. Your frog needs to be ‘standing up’ on it’s back legs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 97070020_1185978131737459_561841589865938944_n.jpg

My mum sent me these measurements as a guide!

32cm x 21cm

Body is 15 cm wide.

Head to tail 22.5 Cm.

Hole is 9 Cm from top of head and 6.5 Cm in from armpit!

The aim of the game is to pull and move the string to be the first one to get their frog to the other end (to the chair or table leg!)

Have fun and send me some pictures!

Friday 22nd May

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