We would love to hear all about your Christmas!

Write us a letter telling us about your Christmas.

Think about:

What you did,

What presents you got,

What you ate,

Who you were with,

Where did you go,

What your naughty elves got up to!

We can’t wait to read about everything you did and all your new presents! Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


This term we are looking at the Artist Christopher Corr. We will be exploring his work and his use of bold bright colours.

Have a look at some of his pictures on the different pages of his website:


Which is your favourite image and why?

What is the picture of? What is happening?

What makes the picture stand out to you?

Is there anything you don’t like about it?

How do you think this picture was created? Was it painted, drawn or collaged?

Now have a go at recreating your favourite image. You could draw it or paint it just remember to use bright colours!


From next week we will begin a more structured sequence of Mathematics activities. These will include daily counting, practical activities and recorded written work. For this we have made a home learning resource pack for each child. This includes a 100 square, number lines, number fans, base 10 equipment and dice. We will contact you tomorrow with arrangements for collection.

This week we will be focusing on positional language activities as it will help with Coding in Computing.

So today we would like to start you off with this image to spark your mathematical imagination.

Can you come up with an activity to help you practise describing where things are?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hide and seek – Choose an object from your house to hide. Finder tells the hider where they must hide it. – ‘Can you hide it under something?’ Give the finder clues using positional language if needed.

Can you find it? – Create/draw your own find it picture. Describe where the objects are found.

Position Map – Create your own map to include several objects. Can you position them in, on, next to, under, behind, in front of or between other objects? You might do a map to space and have an alien on the moon and a rocket behind a shooting star.

Where am I? – Build a structure from objects/construction toys. Use a smaller object to practise positioning it based on instructions given by another member of the family.

‘Put the Lego figure on the bridge.’

Wednesday 6th January

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