You worked so hard yesterday and we loved your alien conversations! Well done for getting your family involved!

Today’s tasks:

  • Phonics
  • English
  • Maths
  • Art
  • Wellbeing Wednesday
  • End of the day story


Practice your split digraphs using these wordsearches!


Today your task is to plan and start work on a new adventure in space for Tony and grandpa.
What could happen?
Will they visit the planet where the alien lives that he spoke to yesterday or will they blast off to the moon?
Perhaps they land on a new planet that hasn’t been discovered yet, it’s up to you as it’s your story. 

Don’t forget to use lots of description in your writing so that we can paint a picture of what is happening in our heads.

How is Tony feeling? Nervous, excited or both?

You can use the word bank to help you and if you want to plan your story first you could do this using a storyboard or a story mountain like the ones shown below.

This is quite a long task so I have given you 2 days to complete it, don’t try and get it all done today, this will be your task for tomorrow too!

Here is a word bank to help you


Get your Maths equipment ready then work your way through the video.

Today’s task is to write your own True or False statements using the =, < and > symbols or vocabulary, then prove if they are True or False using your Mathematics equipment and knowledge.


Colour wheels

A colour wheel shows us how colours are related. They remind artists how to mix and think about colors.

There are 3 primary colours that make the basis of all other colours. Do you know what these are?

When you mix the primary colours to make a new colour, these are called secondary colours. There are 3 secondary colours. Can you work out what these are?

I want you to create your own colour wheel, think about which colours need to go next to each other and be creative!

I have attached some ideas of how you could make your colour wheel, or you could try painting one on purple mash, or maybe you can think of your own!

You can also have a go at colouring in the colour wheel I have attached to help you understand how the colours lend together. Have fun!

Art / Science challenge

This task is optional and can be done at a later date.

Well being Wednesday!

Now you have watched the clip I am going to read the story:

Now have a go at this activity. Don’t worry if you can’t print just draw your picture and write 2 things you are good at!

You are all amazing and you are good at so many things!

Can you colour this in? Either print it or have a go at writing it out and colouring it in or get an adult to write it out for you!

End of the day story

Mr Pattacake and the Space Mission Part 3.

Wednesday 20th January

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