Some of the children may have come home this week and told you or shown you about the ‘tapping’ we have been doing.

I thought I would provide you with some more information about this.

So what exactly is this tapping all about?

“Emotional Freedom Technique” (or EFT) is a clinically proven form of “emotional acupuncture without needles”. Used by therapists, psychologists and millions worldwide to ease emotional distress and clear negative emotions, beliefs, and memories, it’s setting a new tone for how we manage stress in the modern world.

EFT works by tapping a series of acupressure points on the face and upper body with two fingers. It can be done in a quiet space to calm down or done whilst voicing an issue. This helps to “short-circuit” the fight or flight (stress) response and re-wire our brain to think more clearly about the problem.

Sounds crazy, but science has proven it works! EFT can play a major part in helping kids release fear, anxiety, trauma, and doubt in a matter of minutes.

EFT often produces results a lot more quickly with children, as they don’t have the same amount of emotional baggage as adults do. They’re not caught up in the “how’s” and “why’s”, they just want to feel better.

Here is a video of us doing it in school.

Tapping points


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