Good Evening Class 1!

I hope I find you all well? What a wonderful first week back after the half-term break! We have had a wonderful week exploring bonfire night, finishing off our Kenyan huts, part-whole models in maths, exploring difference in RE and dare I say it…starting rehearsals for the Christmas production!

This week for our homework, I would like the children to initially access Purple Mash to play the spelling game that I have set as a 2do. We will not be testing the children in school I would just like the children to practice their spellings. You may wish to encourage the children to use the words from the game in conversations with you and then practice writing the words down and then in sentences, should you wish to push them a little further.

Secondly, I would like the children to practice using part-whole models (set as a 2do on Purple Mash). You may need to support the children in clicking on the pop up screen, although we have used Purple Mash alot in school and they are very good at using it!

Finally, in phonics this week we have introduced the children to ou and ay. I have set a further game on Purple Mash for the children to have a go at, please encourage the children to sound out the phoneme grapheme correspondence to decode the word, before submitting their answers.


Spelling Game on Purple Mash.

Part-Whole Models on Purple Mash.

Phonics Game

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend (remember your homework is not due in until next Friday).

Take care

Mr Mallison

Homework 5.11.2021

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