Good Afternoon Class 1,

Once again; thank you all for a wonderful week this week!

In English this week the children have commenced their writing unit based upon the Pumpkin Soup book; the children have retold the story, developed their ability to predict, retrieve and explain what has happened in a text and applied their knowledge of capital letters and full stops into a sentence.

In Maths we continue to expand our knowledge of Place Value; comparing objects and their relationship with numerals, additionally we have investigated fewer, equal to and more than and introduced the concept of less than, greater than and equal to (using mathematical symbols) which was a little tricky but we persevered. In History we explored artefacts that were associated with the Titanic and discussed what they might have been used for and how they were similar or different to items that we use now. In Geography we have investigated the weather and continued our experiments in Science. In PE we had a trip to the beach in dance to show how waves break on the shore.

School Uniform

We are having a few problems in Class 1 regarding lost items of school uniform at playtimes, lunch times and at the end of the school day. Unfortunately. quite a number of clothing items that are brought to me or found in the classroom do not have names on them. Please could I ask you to ensure that each item of school uniform is named; it does help us greatly to reunite missing items with the correct child.

Rain Coats

As the weather begins to turn, please could you ensure that you send your child to school with a suitable water proof coat (even if it’s nice weather when you leave the house). We have had days over the past couple of weeks where children have not come into school with a rain coat and it has poured down. We do like to get outside in Year 1 as much as possible (even if it is raining); although we do have one or two spares we don’t have enough for every child.



In school this week the children having been practicing spelling using the ‘ea’ special friends. To support this learning, I have set up a game on PurpleMash for the children to play at home.

In a break from the traditional Maths and English activities I would like the children this week to turn their attention to the Titanic

You can build it using Lego or recycled boxes and bottles. You can bring the model in or take a photo and upload to Seesaw.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Round Up and Homework 7.10.22

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