Today is the last day I will be posting Year 1 maths as next week we move to a whole school blog. There will be some new exciting maths challenges for you to do posted there.

If you have found the White Rose and BBC Bitesize useful and enjoyed completing the activities, they will still be available following the links you have used every day. If you have any queries, we are still here to help and available to be contacted through the class email.

Today watch the video below. Alternatively, follow the link:   Click on week 6, go to lesson 4 and look for Already covered this content? Click here and you will be taken to an alternative plan. Click on the vimeo link for Patterns with 3-D and 2-D shapes and this will take you to the video shown here.

Reasoning and Problem Solving

You can go to BBC Bitesize for their Friday Challenge:

Extra Challenge!

Can you make your own shape pattern using objects and shapes you find around your home? Remember to take a picture and share your patterns with us.

Friday 5th June

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